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INTERVIEW: Getting to know the Colosseum

Newcastle has always been a town filled with innovation. From technology and scientific research to the celebration of Art and literature. Right down to inventions across the mining, defence, and communications industries. It has been a town where different business ideas are celebrated with an open mindedness unique to the region. Over the years this … Read more

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Mid-Season Two Parter Establishes The Orville As Science Fiction Fan Fic

The Orville S02E08 Review and Walkthrough“Identity, Part 1” The Orville has caused many a discussion in the online world. There isn’t a forum or sci-fi facebook group where a frothing neckbeard warrior is repeatedly triggered by Seth MacFarlane’s opus to Star Trek TNG. This legion of neckbeards are determined to create the ultimate divide between … Read more

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Supergirl Episode Tackles Transphobia

Supergirl S04E11 Review and Walkthrough“Blood Memory” It’s no surprise that the communist Russian story line takes hold of this Supergirl episode. With the exception that this week the Russian trained Supergirl clone needs medical assistance. A blood transfusion from Supergirl prime. Rest assured, you don’t find out in this episode. “Blood Memory” spends the majority … Read more

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Midnight Task Force #1 – Review

Midnight Task Force #1 is Cyperpunk Grit Midnight Task Force #1 forces out a cyberpunk meets detective noir failing relationship. You know it’s none of your business yet you just can’t look away. It’s going to boil over and you’re sure as Hell gonna be there when it happens. Hailing from Independent comic book publishing … Read more

Dennis Hopper RIP

It’s Been 8 Years Without Dennis Hopper, Here’s His 10 Best Performances

Where Is Dennis Hopper Now? Hopper, who passed away on the 29th May, 2010, was an American actor, film maker, photographer and artist. Hardcore Dennis Hopper fans will remember his initial big break alongside Hollywood royalty James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause (1955). This was followed by a handful of films and television credits … Read more

Annihilation Film Review

ANNIHILATION – Sinks when it Should Swim

ANNIHILATION – Sinks when it Should Swim Annihilation has been received well on Netflix in Australia and I seem to be one of the few reviewers who doesn’t understand why. This self proclaimed intellectual sci-fi tale, based on the book of the same name, weaves an interesting take on macro and micro evolution. Intellectual is … Read more