Last Stop - Graphic Novel Review

Last Stop – Graphic Novel Review

Last Stop – Graphic Novel Review If you buy something from a Soda and Telepaths link, we may earn a commission. This is used to help maintain the site and create more content for you! “Last Stop” is a graphic novel published by one Scout Comics. As it is really the first entry of their works … Read more

SUPERMOM - Strong Independent Superhero who don't need No Man! 1

SUPERMOM – Strong Independent Superhero who don’t need No Man!

A Hilarious New Take on the Superhero Genre Supermom is a hilarious inverse look at the superhero genre. From the angle of a single mom-to-be struggling with the dynamic of losing her powers to pregnancy, struggling to save the world and finally getting the last laugh over her (sort of) ex. [wp-review] Supermom, from the … Read more

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ALBERT EINSTEIN TIME MASON VOL 1 – Graphic Novel Takes Out Perfect Score

Albert Einstein: Not Your Average Time Traveller This isn’t your grandfather’s Albert Einstein. No way, sir. Think Han Solo, meets Indiana Jones, meets Magnum P.I. Or, 80’s Action Hero in a Steampunk world. The credits make me feel like I’m getting ready to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. And the book even opens like … Read more

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[90s Reflection] X-Factor #63 Slices Yakuza Cyberpunks

Getting on Post X-Tinction Agenda Artist, While Portactio is known for co-founding Image Comics. He created Wetworks with WildC.A.T.s‘s Brandon Choi, and also worked on Spawn. Like most of the Image founders, Marvel is where he got his footing. Along with X-Factor, he did Uncanny X-Men and Punisher, and even helped create the popular mutant, … Read more