Hellfighter Quin #5 Review

Hellfighter Quin #5

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Hellfighter Quin #5

Hellfighter Quin #5

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About Hellfighter Quin #5

Hellfighter Quin #5 is part prize fighter, part super powered superheroes and all heart. It is written by Jay Sandlin, pencilled by Atagun Ilhan, colouring by Maria Santaolalla and lettering by Justin Birch. With editing by Chris Fernandez and Brian Hawkins. It is published by Mad Cave Studios. 

In the final issue, our heroes face off against the Doomeseer in the ultimate battle for the Azure Sun. Will Hellfighter, Shard, and Deadeye succeed, or will the Doomseer finally realize her plan and bring down the world once and for all?

At time of writing this article, Hellfighter Quin #5 has an Average Comixology Rating of 5 Stars. It’s available now for order from your Local Comic Shop.

Hellfighter Quin #5 Review 

In this final issue we learn the truth of the Queen aka The Doomseer and how she’s manipulated the Houses throughout the ages. For this final bout Quin and Shard enlist the services of Shard’s sensei. 

The last land they are to fight on is Insidium. The place where the five houses were first founded and where Quin’s final task. Upon landing there Quin is shocked to find Tyrell (his friend that dies in the first issue). Though it’s soon that Doomseer has shapeshifted as Tyrell to manipulate him.

What follows is a showdown between Doomseer, Shard and her Sensei which inevitably ends with Sensei’s death and Doomseer (cut off from her power) decaying into an old woman. The Azure Sun is then split into 5 pieces with the 5 houses sharing the power that Doomseer wielded. With the ending of the comic and this series being Quin and Shard chasing a purse robber into the distance. 

Despite the questionable ending being rather on the nose. Hellfighter Quin is as much about  hellfire and fury as it is relentless mayhem in this falls count anywhere battle for supremacy – where everything is on the line! A fine addition to the Mad Cave Studios roster. You’ll pick up this issue and the entire series for the nonstop action. 

At time of writing this article, all issues of Hellfighter Quin are available through your Local Comic Shop and will go to printing as a collected trade in early 2021. 

Pick up Hellfighter Quin #5 through your Local Comic Store.

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Engage with the Creators

Jay Sandlin – Twitter | Website

Atagun Ilhan – Twitter | Website

Maria Santaolalla – Twitter | Website

Justin Birch – Twitter | Website

Chris Fernandez – Twitter

Brian Hawkins – Twitter

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Mad Cave Studios

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