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My pick of the absolute must have, must listen and must absorb X-Men Podcasts

Podcasts are big business. But we’re not here to talk “big business.” We’re not even here to talk business. We’re here to talk about podcasts inspired by that comic book soap opera featuring mutant teenagers. From #firstworldproblems to the hate the world loves to throw at them.

But what do you do if you’re new to the X-Men franchise? What if you’re a casual reader who just wants to broaden your X-Men knowledge?
Or, maybe you just get pure unbridled joy from hearing a couple fellow nerds chat about the comic book series that shaped their adolescence.

To help you on your journey I’ve put together a list of 6 X-Men Podcasts You Can’t Live Without. To help rekindle that adolescent flame. And if you’re interested in more X-Men articles then by all means click around this website. There’s more where that came from.

The Podcast That Goes Snikt Logo

The Podcast That Goes Snikt!

Everyone knows the adamantium bone popping mutant that Hugh Jackman and Cal Dodd helped bring into the mainstream. Well, compared to those little facts. This podcast will seem like a veritable encyclopedia of information as host, Jason Venable, takes you through a nonstop maelstrom of Wolverine tales.

The Podcast That Goes Snikt (or Sniktcast), is a great one stop shop for the lore of (arguably) the world’s most (in)famous Mutant. Boasting over 21,000 downloads on his Website. It’s perfect for those Wolverine fans who enjoy Solo podcasters!


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The X-Men TAS Podcast Logo

The X-Men TAS Podcast

Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of nor listened to this Podcast prior to this assignment. But I’m now glad I have. Hosts Willie Simpson and Sonia Rapaport create a safe elitist-free space in their style of podcasting. Great for the new (or old) generation of would-be fans of the 1990s X-Men cartoon.

Perfect for any fan looking to start their X-Men TAS binge on Disney Plus. The X-Men TAS Podcast show is a great unofficial “After X-Men” companion to each episode. And if that hasn’t convinced you then their argument in the 1st episode about whether “TAS” and “Podcast” rhyme – will definitely clue you into their beloved style.

BONUS: They’ve since moved on from X-Men and are now covering the Spider-Man cartoon from the 90s.


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Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men Podcast Logo

Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Easily the heavy hitter of the group. Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men is easily the one with the largest online following. With the angle (and yes every Podcast has an angle) and unenviable task of explaining Marvel’s greatest superhero soap opera.

While the prospect of subscribing to a Podcast that’s over 280 episodes in may seem daunting at first. The hosts, Jay Edidin and Miles Stokes, have carved themselves a neat format that appeals to the well seasoned mutant fan but at the same time doesn’t run the risk of disillusioning newcomers. This LGBTQ friendly podcast will enrich your X-Men knowledge and give you a bit of entertainment along the way.

BONUS: Jay Edidin is part of the writing staff on Thor: Metal Gods – audiobook available on Serial Box. Which you should go check out.


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Wolverine, A Scripted Podcast


You’ve heard Cal Dodd voice Wolverine in the X-Men 90s cartoon. You’ve seen Hugh Jackman portray Wolverine onscreen. You’ve heard Scott McNeil voice Wolverine in X-Men: Evolution.

Welcome to Marvel’s first scripted podcast: Wolverine. Produced as a joint effort by Marvel New Media and Stitcher. Wolverine features the vocal talents of a complete ensemble with Richard Armitage portraying the titular adamantium boned character.

While I’m not going to offer any specific spoilers to ruin your day. What I can tell you is that this series offers up a well rounded podcast serial which takes your imagination to new heights. Almost reinventing what can be achieved with a character over 30 years old. Armitage’s voice is so perfect, you’ll start reading all the Old Man Logan series with his gritty demeanour etched in your brain. If you’ve been avoiding fictional podcast like the plague – Wolverine has the potential to change your mind on the entire medium.


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X-Reads Podcast Logo

X-Reads Podcast

If you’ve been listening to podcasts for a few years now. Specifically, TV review podcasts. Then you’ve probably heard of the Gilmore Guys podcast. Well, chuck X-Men as subject matter into the blender and you’ll get something very close to X-Reads. X-Reads Podcast features two charming AF hosts, Chris and Chandler, who pick a famous X-Men story and read direct from the comic book to you.

It’s an entertaining way to learn about those damn mutants in a whole new way. But while I enjoy the two of them read and describe their latest pulled comic to me over headphones. The thing I enjoy even more is their “Ad Alert” segment where they describe the age old advertisements from decades past. Definitely for the casual podcast subscriber.


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Mutant Musings Podcast Logo

Mutant Musings

Ever since that first “explicit content” warning spiel that Jonathan, one of the co-hosts, let rip on Mutant Musings – I’ve been a fan. I really seem to gravitate towards Podcasters whose humour is just as crass and oddly tempered as mine. As a result, Mutant Musings is my favourite X-Men podcast by far.

Mutant Musings is a fortnightly podcast featuring Jonathan and his girlfriend Patti. Both are avid X-Men fans who, every fortnight, give the listeners the low-down and their honest opinions on the latest released X-Men books. So don’t be surprised if you tune in and hear Hickman heavy theories. This is a podcast for the seasoned mutant veteran.

Jonathan’s unrelenting passion towards everything X-Men related is balanced by Patti’s dark humour and penchant for all things Amon Amarth. Take a front seat in their relationship via X-Men chats.


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