FAQ’S – Soda and Telepaths

Soda and Telepaths FAQ’S

We receive quite a few Frequently Asked Questions and while we’d love to get to all of them, unfortunately, it’s not always a reality. Please refer to the below FAQ’s and if you still have further specific questions then please send an email HERE.

What’s with the “Soda and Telepaths” name?

Soda and Telepaths is a metaphor for our favourite era of Pop Culture. “Telepaths” because what’s Science Fiction and Comic Books without a friendly Telepath? And “Soda” because what screams Popular Culture more than Coca-Cola and Pepsi?

What types of Pop Culture do you report on?

Primarily, we cover Comic Books, TV Shows, Film and Music.

Does your Website have a Scoring System?

We used to. We’ve since felt we’d rather focus on how a comic book/tv show/movie/album has made us feel rather than pin it down to a “score.”

I like what you’re doing. How can I support you?

The best way to support us is by joining our Discord Community Channel.

I’m an indie creator. How do I get my comic book/tv show/film/album reviewed by you?

We only review Comic Books by creators who have joined our Discord Community Channel. Click here to join.

For film, please send an email to: info@sodaandtelepaths.com

My comic book got released more than 2 months ago. Will you review it?

The short answer is no. Unfortunately, the comic book news/reviews landscape moves very quickly. Quicker than most industries and, regretfully, sending us a comic book to review that’s already been on the market for more than 2 months just isn’t that news worthy. The same rule applies to Film.

If your comic book is of interest for a feature article such as Top 10 Indie Comics then we will contact you.

How long should I wait before following up on a Review Copy I sent you?

Please be patient. On average, we receive 30 review requests per week. That said, if you don’t receive a reply within 2 weeks then you should assume we won’t be reviewing your Comic Book or Film.

We’re pretty lenient with follow ups, however, if we receive in excess of 2 follow up emails within a reasonable time frame then your emails will be promptly deleted.

Which companies do you work with?

We currently have Media Partnerships with the following companies: DC Comics, BOOM! Studios, Valiant Entertainment, Image Comics, Oni Press/Lion Forge, Mad Cave Studios, Dont Hide PR, AMC’s Shudder App, Superfan Promotions, Ashcan Comics, Scout Comics, Zenescope Entertainment, to name a few.