Cult of Dracula enters into Development Deal with Sure Pictures

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Cult of Dracula sinks its Teeth into Development Deal

Cult of Dracula, Indie Horror Comic published by Source Point Press, has developed into an underground sensation of sorts. With the support of comic book retailers and a devoted fan following on social media, it’s become one of the most talked about new comics of 2021.

With final order cut-off numbers now being reported to publishers by Diamond Comics Distributors, Cult of Dracula is selling in numbers that rival titles from the most well known creators.

Those high sales numbers have attracted lots of attention, both in the world of comics and in comics adjacent circles. Producer Jerry Carita of Sure Pictures says Cult of Dracula is the type of property that production companies dream of acquiring.

Carita went on to say,

“We’re very excited by the opportunity to develop Cult of Dracula. There’s just so much storytelling potential to this IP. Rich has created a wide horror universe filled with real, fleshed out characters. They all have deep back stories. Rich’s characters just come alive on the page. There’s so much detail. They have real lives. We’re excited for all the stories we can tell with them in the film medium. The storytelling opportunities are endless.”

Cult of Dracula front cover indie horror comic
Cult of Dracula front cover, courtesy of Source Point Press

Development Deal with Sure Pictures

With this in mind, you’ve probably figured out that Sure Pictures have recently entered into a development deal with Davis which will see Cult of Dracula brought to the screen.

Creator Rich Davis added to Carita’s comment with,

“I’m encouraged by what Sure Pictures brings to the table. I believe that Jerry and his team share my enthusiasm for Cult of Dracula. I believe it’s in good hands as we navigate the long process of evolving it from the page to the screen.”

Carita and Davis agree that Cult of Dracula will probably work best as a mini series in the streaming format. Carita says that it is exactly the type of property streamers are looking for. Sure Pictures are eying off Horror leading streaming services like: Shudder, Screambox, FrightPix and Midnight Pulp.

“When an IP already has impressive sales numbers and an existing fan following, it can help attract attention from networks,” Carita added. “Cult of Dracula has both of those.”

Retailer Pre-Order Success

Cult of Dracula is the debut comic for creator Rich Davis. He’s already making a name for himself in the industry. Source Point Press CEO Travis McIntyre and President Jacob Way have each praised his work ethic and promotional skills.

“Credit for the success of Cult of Dracula belongs to the retailers who picked up the phone when I called and answered my emails when they had no idea who I was. They believed in this comic and proved that belief by ordering it in huge numbers,” said Davis. “This is their book as much as it is mine.”

Cult of Dracula #1 hits store shelves on March 31st, 2021. It has main covers from Gyula Nemeth and Shannon Maer. Each of the series’ six issues will also have retailer exclusive variants from such artists as Carla Cohen, Ryan Kincaid, Maria Khe, Alan Quah, Sanford Greene, Tiffany Groves and more!

Cult of Dracula #2 is currently available for order in Previews Magazine. Source Point Press has exercised its right to publish Davis’s entire vampire saga. The first volume, Cult of Dracula, releases this year. Volume two, Rise of Dracula, will follow in 2022. The story will conclude with Reign of Dracula in 2023.

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