Grit #3 Review

Grit #3 Review

Grit #3 Review

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About Grit #3

Grit #3 is written by Brian Wickman, pencilled by Kevin Castaniero, colouring by Simon Gough and lettering by Micah Myers. With editing by James Pruett.

SYNOPSIS: Our begrudging traveling companions are on the hunt for the created that escaped barrow’s axe, but their planes are upended when the trail goes cold in a small town that’s seemingly unaffected by the Beast’s influence. Things are bound to get strange for Ari and Barrow in this frenetic finale!

It is published by Scout Comics.

Grit #3 Review

Grit #3 continues the story of Old Man Barrow and his new companion Ari. Hot on the heels of a blood demon that is threatening a local town, Ari believes she knows exactly how to find this demonic force. Though Old Man Barrow remains quite pessimistic about her abilities. 

Once at the local town we are greeted by a bunch of local villager chaps who seem mostly oblivious to the upcoming danger. However, after a nosebleed from a local marketer, we are soon introduced to the form of the Blood Demon in easily one of my most favourite comic book moments of 2020. 

Castaniero’s artwork is really finding its feet in this issue. The quirky looks of disapproval and condescension between Ari and Old Man Barrow makes for entertaining reading. There are times where Castaniero’s style reminds me of Hergè. In how his characters interacted with one another in a real world way with a dash of slapstick waiting with every page turn. 

Wickman finds the voice of his characters very early on in each issue. There’s a certain amount of negative space going on in his refusal to handhold the reader onto each consecutive panel. Same point goes to his world building. By not purposely world building, Wickman creates a reader experience that gradually peels away layer after layer of the storyline. 

Fantasy stereotypes are an afterthought in this issue (and series). They’re present but not in an obvious way. They help tie the actions and flow of the storyline. We understand the motivations of each character early on and this helps cement the uneasy relationship of Old Man Barrow and Ari. 

Castaniero and Wickman’s interpretations of how otherworldly demons should look and feel is thoroughly enjoyable. Say goodbye to the A-typical horned beasts from hades and enjoy the fresh takes that Grit has to offer. It’s not surprising it’s one of Scout Comics highest selling comic book series. 

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