Producing The End of the World Anthology Talent Announced

Producing the End of the World Anthology

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Producing the End Anthology Submissions

They say an Editors job is never done and the process of going through this Anthology’s submissions was no different. All in all, we received 158 submissions (over 100 of which were scripts) and I’ve spent the last two weeks sifting through those to come up with the final below list of successful entrants.

Due to varying skill/talent levels and a veritable sea of submissions, the successful entrants came down to two questions I asked myself:

  • Does their entry meet the Brief?
  • Can I see myself working with them, developing and editing the final product?

The result is the below list of Talent. Please note, I will not be providing individual feedback on those unsuccessful submissions.

Producing the end of the world anthology apocalyptic post apocalyptic

Producing the End Artists

Richard Kemp

Joel Saavedra

Rob Gaughran

Gregory Woronchak

Edward Fabian Alvarado Arias

Alina Wahab

Samuel Douglas Lasater

Noah Bailey

Domenico Pagano

Jeremiah Schiek

Christopher Maiurro

Ricardo Sánchez Arreola

Elodie Chen

Producing the End Writers

Louis Southard

Brent Fisher

Rob Stanley

Rob Pilkington

D.J. Devereux

Christin Liberty

Alex Dandino

James Duran

Matthew Blair

Andy Nordvall

Angel Young

Adam Burt

Abby Denton

Matthew Wilding

Jarne Van Vooren

Josh Davison

Scott Dunn

Gary Proudley

Chris Hutton

Anne Toole

Mario Candelaria

Aubrey Lynn Jeppson

At this time I would like to Thank everyone who Submitted an Application into this Anthology and your ongoing support.

Want more Soda and Telepaths

‘Producing the End…’ Anthology is looking for Submissions


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