X-MEN #8 - Blame the New Mutants 3

X-MEN #8 – Blame the New Mutants

This issue of X-Men utilizes all three of these concepts to varying degrees, while also giving us a fun adventure that the core title has been missing for a number of issues while it’s been focusing on building the world and mystique, no pun intended, of the X-Men’s new status quo.

X-Men #7 Panel

X-MEN #7 – Reaches Evil Cult-like Status

If things were nefarious in X-Men before, they’re approaching downright evil and cultish by now When Cassandra Nova sent Sentinels to attack Genosha during Grant Morrison’s New X-Men (2002), she ended the onslaught with a total kill count of about fifteen million mutants – just because she knew it would break the heart of her … Read more