Battlecats Vol 3 #1 shines with Vibrant Fantasy Artwork

Battlecats Vol 3 #1 comic book review

Battlecats Volume 3, Issue 1 is the first comic book in the last volume of Battlecats series. It’s written by Mark London with art by Michael Camelo, coloring by Tekino and Ricardo Castillo, and lettering/book design Miguel A Zapata. While editing duties are handled by Chris Fernandez and Giovanna T Orozco.

Becstar #1: Sweeney Boo saves the day!

Becstar #1 comic book review

Becstar #1 is a science fiction/fantasy comic about your not so average run of the mill outlaws/smugglers. It’s written by Joe Corallo with art by Lorenzo Colangeli, coloring by Sweeney Boo and lettering by Joamette Gil.

REVIEW: Dry Foot Vol 1 Is The Heist You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Dry Foot is the heist you didnt know you wanted

Dry Foot Volume 1 is a comic book trade paperback collecting Dry Foot issue #1 – #4. It’s about a heist set in 1980s Miami that goes south when secrets between 4 friends are kept hidden. It’s written by Jarred Lujan, art by Orlando Caicedo, colouring by Warnia K Sahadewa, and lettering by Justin Birch.

REVIEW: Nottingham #1 Expertly Deconstructs Robin Hood

Nottingham Comic Book Cover Nottingham has a Voracious Appetite for Anarchy and Mayhem

Nottingham is a new Robin Hood story through the lense of ‘what if Robins Merry Men were terrorists?’ It is written by David Hazan, art by Shane Connery Volk, colouring by Luca Romano and lettering by Joamette Gil.