I Am Waiting For You Last Summer finds new Levels of Prog in ‘Self – Defense’

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer Self Defense

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I Am Waiting For You Last Summer

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer finds new Levels of Prog in ‘Self – Defense’

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About I Am Waiting For You Last Summer

If there is any Modern Day band that understands the ebs and flows around Musical Possibiltiies it’s I Am Waiting For You Last Summer. IAWFYLS digs deep into sonic discovery and what can be achieved through Electronic means. With three albums and four EPs under their belt, their progressive sound blurs the line of musical genres by incorporating post-rock, house, synthwave, and recently more ambient and mellow backdrops.

Upon picking up a release of theirs you’ll find an air of calm, ease and familiarity. That’s because anyone who’s been listening to or seen trailers of movies like Jurassic World, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Insurgent will note the style that band member and instrumentalist Sasha Sokolov has endeavoured to incorporate in the band’s cinematic post-rock style.

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer aren’t looking to provide just another concert. They’re aiming to provide an experience. ‘Self Defense’ is available on October 2nd, 2020.

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Self Defense Review

It was a pleasant surprise to receive this release in my emails thanks to the good folks at Hold Tight PR. Not knowing what to expect from a band that was largely unknown to me at the time I started ‘spinning’ the MP3’s of upcoming album ‘Self Defense.’

My immediate thoughts and feelings head towards a style akin to if Mogwai and sleepmakeswaves made a litter of prog-rock babies. Its moody and depressive in parts but then lifts you up on a crescendo rich with Ambient, Synth and Post-Rock movements.

Tracks like In Circles, Je Me Demande and Everything Ends are the stand outs on this release. Although, so stylistically opposite, they leave you with an auditory experience like no other. Everything Ends feels like an end of the world scenario : where an extinction level event is occurring mid song and the entire earth is crumbling into pieces. All you can do is wait and see where this journey will take us.

This is unsurprising, given the theme behind I Am Waiting For You Last Summer’s style is ‘movement.’ With movement comes journey, change, unease and new experiences. All of which is what Self Defense takes you through.

I will end my thoughts on one final anecdote. I remember many years ago reading an Interview between Tool’s Justin Chancellor and Guitar World. The part that interested me is the limitations of style and where genres begin and end. Chancellor made this point:

“Touring with Meshuggah told me that there’s a Point A and that music should take you to a Point B. But there can be a Point A.1, A.2, etc on your musical journey.”

The point here is music can be what you want it to be. It can challenge itself and take you on new frontiers. ‘Self Defense’ does exactly that and takes you on the journey between musical worlds.

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Self Defense will be available worldwide on October 2nd, 2020.

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