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Comicsgaters are the Karens of the Comic Book Industry

Comicsgaters are the Karens of the Comic Book Industry

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Comicsgaters are the Karens of the Comic Book Industry

Comicsgaters are the Karens of the Comic Book Industry

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For a while now, Comicsgate has been looked at as the unofficial Comic Book Industry Bogeyman, by comic book collectors, fans and creators alike. From stirring up a melting pot of hatred, bigotry, transphobia, homophobia, racism and– don’t forget that eye of newt.

For those unaware of the blight that Comicsgate has cast over the comic book industry. Comicsgate was originally a campaign in opposition to the supposed “forced diversity” and progressive-ism in North American comic books. The name is derived from Gamergate, a similar movement in the video game industry. It’s worth noting that Gamergate has been called out on numerous occasions for its members expressing extreme bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, racist and sexist views.

The central figure around the Comicsgate movement, has been Ethan Van Sciver (who interned for DC Comics from 2004-2018), originally claiming that Comicsgate is a campaign against the war against conservatism within Comic Books. At this juncture, it’s also worth noting that Sciver created Glob Herman (one of the many X-Men characters for Marvel) with Grant Morrison. A superhero team known for its pro-equality message across all genders, ethnicities, and creeds. But hey! I’m just paraphrasing the late and great Stan Lee.

Perhaps Sciver didn’t have a problem with pouring salt into his own conservatism wounds back then but he sure has a problem with it now.

Comicsgaters are the Karens of the Comic Book Industry 1

It’s been well documented on more than one occasion that Comicsgate supporters, or Comicsgaters, are more than happy to re-write their own historic spiel. Supporters claim to not be running the bigotry gamut because they have some African American or some LGBTQI supporters. A rhetoric that’s weak at best when the comicsgate masses seem content to target Comic Book creators at their most vulnerable.

Take comic book creator and all around decent human being, Tess Fowler, who’s fielding comicsgate harassment while battling breast cancer, as an example:

Comicsgate loves to lash out at creators they arbitrarily deem to be undeserving of success. Not to mention disgusting in their approach.

Just a bunch of Karens

Like a comic book industry Karen stuck in a loveless marriage. Touting themselves as having each others back and then through militarisation of their members in thoughtless twitter campaigns against SJWs. Ironically, the Comicsgate attempt at militarisation spends more time echoing sentiments of your local Karen asking to speak to a manager than sounding like a worthy adversary. At least you can respect a worthy adversary. The only thing about Comicsgate you can come to respect is, well… nothing.

On the other hand, I should probably feel sorry for those self-imposed figureheads of Comicsgate (mostly older white men) who are busy shouting at the internet because the solutions they have to offer is irrelevant to the rest of us. While that might not be true for the entire CG fanbase, followers, disciples (sheep, if you will). What is true for the rest of them, this is a group of individuals who spend more time projecting their hatred and frustration than actually creating a decent comic.

What’s that famous quote by Jedi Master Yoda? Ah yes. Let’s see if I get this right:

“The entitlement is strong in him.”

The reality of Comicsgate is they’re a poorly organised group of “haters” who, like a Karen, come badly dressed, blame society for their station in life and refuse to ever be satisfied. There’s always something wrong in the world. There’s always something stacked against them. The reason they can’t get a job in comics must be because of the SJWs. The reason my art sucks isn’t because it sucks but because I wanted it that way. It’s a basic human right to refuse to wear a mask. Writing comics is a man’s game. We can’t be a hate group because we have POC/LGBTQI members.

“This food mixer doesn’t work on clothes. I’d like to speak to your manager!”

All the excuses you’d expect to come with a $25 haircut.

While they’ve been known to create some fear and trepidation around green comic book creators, Comicsgaters are far from highly organised. They’re far from the bogeyman of the Comic Book Industry. I would argue that any comicsgater targeting a “SJW” comic book creator just further validates the work that comic book creator is doing. They may not all be white but Just like the Karen stereotypes, Comicsgaters come with an endless supply of privilege, self-hatred, bigotry and entitlement. Exactly what you’d expect from a Karen in the suburbs.

Stay strong, comic book creators. If the CG’s are coming after you then you’ve probably created a good comic book. And if they do come after you then just block that hateful son-of-a-bitch.

“Comicsgate isn’t a hateful group. Prove it!”

– An Open Minded Comicsgater

Okay Comicsgate.

Okay Karen.

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Comicsgaters are the Karens of the Comic Book Industry 2

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