Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia Comic Series

Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia Comic Series 1

Battlecats: Tales of Valderia is to Battlecats what The Silmarillion is to Lord of the Rings. A companion mini-series designed to flesh out an already established lush and fertile Fantasy Comic Book Universe.

WOLVENHEART #1 – Monster-Ridding Your Timelines

WOLVENHEART #1 - Monster-Ridding Your Timelines 2

Sterling Cross: Legendary Slayer I did a piece on Albert Einstein: Time Mason, where a time-traveling organization employs an historic figure. Wolvenheart is a time-traveling organization founded by historic figures. Though, Van Helsing is a fictional character compared to Einstein. However, Nikola Tesla is another Wolvenheart employee. [wp-review] The comic opened with a battle between […]

Mad Cave Studios Announce MORE TITLES including BATTLECATS Finale

Mad Cave Studios Announce MORE TITLES including BATTLECATS Finale 3

Embrace the Madness! More Mad Cave Titles are headed your Way! Mad Cave Studios have confirmed today their most ambitious titles are coming back later this year. All three hit comics from Mad Cave Studios will deliver glorious art and epic storytelling as it was confirmed by Mad Cave’s own Mark London: “Folks have been […]

Midnight Task Force #1 – Review

Midnight Task Force #1 Mad Cave Studios Featured Image

Midnight Task Force #1 is Cyperpunk Grit Midnight Task Force #1 forces out a cyberpunk meets detective noir failing relationship. You know it’s none of your business yet you just can’t look away. It’s going to boil over and you’re sure as Hell gonna be there when it happens. Hailing from Independent comic book publishing […]