And It Snowed Review

And It Snowed Review

And It Snowed Review 

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About And It Snowed

And It Snowed is written by Nick Bryan, drawn and inked by Robert Ahmad and with lettering by DC Hopkins. At the time of writing this article it has been successfully funded with 8 days left to go on the Kickstarter campaign.

And It Snowed Review 

And It Snowed is a black and white indie comic published by Nick Bryan. It follows a brother and sister duo of street rats and their quest to bring a snow globe to their client on their end of town. Unbeknownst to them the snow globe has a gigantic guardian pursuing them who looks like if Swamp Thing cosplayed as Frosty the Snow Man. 

And It Snowed is a charming 36 page tale of struggle and sacrifice from the lower class. It’s narrative of the brother and sister duo looking for the big score to improve their situation is so relevant to today. It has lots to say about classism and the evils that men do regardless of the cause and effect. 

After the first 10 pages I had feelings of “oh great, another bloody magical Christmas comic” because, trust me, I’ve had a gutful of them. Thankfully, Bryan’s script work spends as much time exploring the interpersonal sibling relationship as much as the snow monster pursuing them. 

Artistically Robert Ahmad’s style reminds of Bob Montana’s work in 1940s era Archie Comics with a modern twist. Which adds a charming flair and contrast to the dialogue that tells a story of what being in debt, poor and an addict is really like. In context of this story, Ahmad’s snow monster is truly terrifying.

Having already achieved its Kickstarter goal, And It Snowed is an easy sell. Though in a perfect world where everyone can afford to support this comic and we’re looking purely at talent alone: it’s a comic that deserves a read. It’s a fun tale that tells plenty of hard lessons. And It Snowed is a modern day comic book classic. 

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