REVIEW: Batwoman Season 01x13: "Drink Me" Serves Up The Goods 1

REVIEW: Batwoman Season 01×13: “Drink Me” Serves Up The Goods

This is the episode I’ve been dreading. When Batwoman writer Marc Andreyko introduced Nocturna in the comics, it became a pivotal arc for the character — and one that anyone who gave half a shit about the character wished never happened. It still astonishes me that the storyline was greenlit. As a refresher, DC put … Read more

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Supergirl Episode Tackles Transphobia

Supergirl S04E11 Review and Walkthrough“Blood Memory” It’s no surprise that the communist Russian story line takes hold of this Supergirl episode. With the exception that this week the Russian trained Supergirl clone needs medical assistance. A blood transfusion from Supergirl prime. Rest assured, you don’t find out in this episode. “Blood Memory” spends the majority … Read more