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How can Soda and Telepaths Help Your Next Project?

Soda and Telepaths has been working with Pop Culture creators of all varieties for many years. As a brand that has worked tirelessly to promote news and provide feedback of Pop Culture, we are uniquely positioned to understand what is needed both from the Creator perspective and the News cycle perspective.

Pop Culture Public Relations and Promotion 2

“Anthony understands the pulse of the market and how best to position the story to reach its audience. His combo of network, tenacity and knowledge was invaluable during my launch campaign. 10 of 10 get him on your team.”

– HS Tak, Redshift (Scout Comics) and Boy-1 (IDW)

Our Public Relations and Promotional packages are holistically designed and catered to your needs whilst providing an affordable and cost-effective solution to take your project to the next level. This allows you to concentrate on your project rather than feel like your stuck in it by stressing over things like “Promoting” and “Marketing” when what you really should be doing is creating.

Who do you Work with?

Although, at present our primary client base is Comic Book and Graphic Novel clientele, we work with Pop Culture brands and companies of all shapes and sizes. From Comic Books to Podcasts to Film, we are confident our service offering can assist you in bringing your Project to your target demographic and niche.

What is Included?

Soda and Telepaths works with Industry leading Pop Culture outlets. These range in scope of coverage and on what your budget is.

A typical Soda and Telepaths PR Campaign includes:

  • Press Release writing and editing
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Podcast Booking
  • Youtube Channel Booking
  • Feature Article Booking
Pop Culture Public Relations and Promotion 3

“Anthony Pollock is the real deal – a PR pro that truly understands comics from the perspective of a creator, the audience, and the ecosystem of retailers and publishers. His services can serve as a solid foundation from which your own publicity efforts, or your publisher’s marketing efforts, can build upon. For the time-starved indie creator, the Soda and Telepaths PR package is an invaluable element to add to your go-to-market strategy.”

– Omar Morales, Lunar Ladies (Scout Comics)

How Much do you Charge?

Depending on the size and scope of the campaign the pricing for our service may vary with each client. However, we recommend you contact us for a confidential consultation (on the house) to discuss how we can market your project and product to those who are begging to see it.

Alternatively, we understand that sometimes the budget can be tight so we have included a list of straight forward marketing packages to help give your project that extra boost to get in front of your target audience. Visit this link to find out more.