Hellfighter Quin #4 Review

Hellfighter Quin #4 Review Mad Cave Studios

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Hellfighter Quin #4 Review

Hellfighter Quin #4 Review

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About Hellfighter Quin #4

Hellfighter Quin #4 is part prize fighter, part super powered superheroes and all heart. It is written by Jay Sandlin, pencilled by Atagun Ilhan, colouring by Maria Santaolalla and lettering by Justin Birch. With editing by Chris Fernandez and Brian Hawkins. It is published by Mad Cave Studios. 

In the penultimate issue, our hero and his newfound friends, Shard and Deadeye, square up with an enraged and faceless Invictus who managed to control over an equally enraged kaiju. Will this be the end of the line for Hellfighter and friends?

It’s available now for order from your Local Comic Shop.

Hellfighter Quin #4 Review

Hellfighter Quin #4 is part prize fighter, part superhero and all heart. It’s the issue of the series where pieces of the puzzle start of fall in the place. In fact, what I’m about to explore in this article will raise a lot of questions – so start with our review of Issue 1. 

The start of Issue #4 kicks off on some Icelandic world where Quin and Shard are ambushed by Invictus. Remember that narcissistic warrior whose face got torn off by Shard? Well he’s back with a giant sea monster for a horse and accompanied by Maimframe’s girlfriend. Girlfriend? Right.

What follows are several pages of combat heavy panels where Shard and Quin make fast work of their opponents by killing all of them. Unfortunately, in the midst of everything Maimframe is able to cause Shard to fall out of the ring. Though, she is saved by Quin this results in both of them being eliminated.

The Issue closes out with Quin accepting to be knighted into the Queen’s Clan. A bargain is struck bringing Shard back into the championship. Despite the Doomseer learning of the Queen’s new deal with Quin and of his past.

Hellfighter Quin #4 is where the pieces of this comic book puzzle start to fall into place. There’s lots of heart in the story itself, however, I’m still not on board with Sandlin’s tendency to reference popular culture in an alternate earth scenario. While I can forgive this, I’m not sure if I believe the suddenly love interests that Quin and Shard feel for one another.

Artistically, it’s a fun book to have in your collection. The fight scenes remind me of a Mojoverse minus the X-Men. Santaolalla’s colouring continues to make the pages pop. Though there are some odd facial choices made by Atagun. It’s certainly an improvement on earlier issues. 

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