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Last Stop – Graphic Novel Review

Last Stop - Graphic Novel Review

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Last Stop - Graphic Novel Review
Action packed with a side of Heart.

Last Stop – Graphic Novel Review

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“Last Stop” is a graphic novel published by one Scout Comics. As it is really the first entry of their works I’ve read, the cover is what really drew me in. I as a reader am a sucker for superhero themed stories so I knew at the very least I was in for a wild ride.

Wild it was. While approaching a more minimalist style similar to something like Scott Pilgrim vs the World, there is nevertheless a wide breath of style and life each character inhabits within the page. Without being told much, if anything at all, of what happened in these characters past it is not hard to get a sense of it within a few choice pieces of dialogue. That kind of storytelling is a very fine balance to achieve which I believe this novel nails from beginning to end.

It is also not the easiest novel to read. Not in the sense that the material is graphic or otherwise problematic, no, the theme of it hits different depending on who is reading. I know in my experience given how life has shaped me, reading the struggles of the main character and his regrets as the novel churns on was very touching. Some readers might not have the same experience, which is normal, but for me I empathized more with what was going on. Thus a lot of the beats of the story I found myself more invested than other tales I’ve reviewed in the past.

While the story itself holds no special surprises, it is also a very classic style of story that is both easy to understand and an enjoyable experience. Put simply, this graphic novel could easily be compared to a popcorn action flick. You aren’t reading it to have some philosophical awakening, some altering of your perception that changes the way the world works. You read it because its fun, has a ton of heart, and at the end leaves you feeling a sense of hope for the future of the characters. To me, that’s worth far more.

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