SUPERMOM – Strong Independent Superhero who don’t need No Man!

Supermom Volume 1 Front Cover - image courtesy of Action Lab Comics

A Hilarious New Take on the Superhero Genre

Supermom is a hilarious inverse look at the superhero genre. From the angle of a single mom-to-be struggling with the dynamic of losing her powers to pregnancy, struggling to save the world and finally getting the last laugh over her (sort of) ex.


Supermom, from the mind of writer Gordon Mclean, introduces us to the world of Voltra. A superhero determined to save the world from her arch nemesis… only one problem – she’s with child.

Voltra is a confident, strong woman who has this drive to go it alone throughout the entire storyline. Though quickly finds she must often lean on her friends and family to get through because as the pregnancy gets further along – she loses more and more of her powers.

Supermom Volume 1 Preview Page - image courtesy of Action Lab Comics

Heavenly Superhero with Earthly Troubles

The long and the short of the storyline is Voltra got really drunk this one time, slept with a villain in disguise and got pregnant as a result. Though this bad guy has the power of absorption and as a result the further Voltra’s pregnancy progresses. The more her unborn kid absorbs her powers from the womb.

Supermom is a comedic take on a what if thought of what if a superhero got pregnant. How would it change her life. How would her friends and family react. Though creator Gordon McLean flips that on its head with the hero/villain one night stand subtext.

Supermom Volume 1 Preview Page - image courtesy of Action Lab Comics

Supermom feels like a Universe similar to The Tick

From the heroes to the villains, this is an almost parodied take on the Marvel and DC worlds. Which is further exemplified by the artistic style Caio Oliveira illustrates throughout this entire first volume. A style that makes me think so much of Ben Edlund that I was disappointed The Tick and Arthur didn’t show up. Plenty of ridiculous superheroes to boot, but the most precious one was the clear standout, Twilight Knight. A clear Batman outtake who gives Voltra a present and runs out the room in tears.

It’s Vinnie (Voltra’s baby daddy), whose plan to take over the world via giant mind control flesh zombies, who acts as this Volume’s big bad. Combine this with Voltra’s gradual loss of powers and you have an interesting duality of the classic superhero story. But the most enjoyable part of Supermom? The one liners from her baby sister, side kick and fellow superhero Digi-Girl referencing her quick relationship with a villain are priceless.

Supermom is an interesting commentary on the superhero genre. A series that has managed to tap into the playful and absolute bonkers style akin to The Tick. This volume is a perfect add to the collection and very re-readable when you can power through it in half an hour. All the while telling a story quite unique and original regarding the intent of the characters. I cannot wait for the Second Volume!

Out now through Action Lab or Comixology.