X-FACTOR faces their biggest threat in issue 66 - THEIR $%#!ING SHIP! 1

X-FACTOR faces their biggest threat in issue 66 – THEIR $%#!ING SHIP!

While X-Factor tries to stop their vessel from the inside, Ship is attacking the city it’s hovering over. Here employs some special cameos, drawn in Portacio’s style. Both The Avengers and Fantastic Four are trying to stop this havoc X-Factor has created. Captain America and Sersi represent the Avengers. It’s interesting that I read this just after the announcement that Sersi has joined the MCU. She’ll make her debut in Eternals, but it’s only a matter of time until she joins her true alma mater in a new installment of Kevin Feige’s mightiest heroes. And for the FF, their two most interesting members are thrown out there: Thing and Human Torch. Also joining them is She-Hulk.

X-Factor #64

X-Factor #64 Painful Iceman Storytelling At Best

In the last issue, Iceman embarked on a “solo” mission to Japan. Sure, Jean Grey tagged along. Though really, she was only there to justify the X-Factor title. Every time you think she was going to do something cool with her astral powers, it was basically a tease. Number 64 continued the story, in which Bobby Drake must rescue his girlfriend, Opel.

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Getting on Post X-Tinction Agenda Artist, While Portactio is known for co-founding Image Comics. He created Wetworks with WildC.A.T.s‘s Brandon Choi, and also worked on Spawn. Like most of the Image founders, Marvel is where he got his footing. Along with X-Factor, he did Uncanny X-Men and Punisher, and even helped create the popular mutant, … Read more