Scout Comics Announces New Series VOLUME By Aussie Writer

Scout Comics Announces New Series VOLUME By Aussie Writer

Scout Comics Announces New Series VOLUME By Aussie Writer

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About Volume

VOLUME is a four issue tale of teenage rebellion and superpowered punks. It’s a fun action romp that blends Riot Grrl attitude with dystopian sc-fi, all sent hurtling straight toward you in a furious blur of music and color.

The Synopsis is as follows:

In the messed-up world of tomorrow a populist dictatorship – known simply as THE REGIME – have made music illegal, preaching a perverted version of law and order called ‘PEACE IS QUIET’.

Standing up to this onerous silence is ESSA, a teenager sick of living in the bland and colorless world the Regime has created. She’s 16, fed-up, and her only weapon is one killer rock song.
See, when ESSA listens to her favorite track – a bellowing punk anthem called GARBAGE HEART – she doesn’t just feel invincible, SHE IS INVINCIBLE , imbued with superhuman strength and durability from listening to the song. What follows is a chaotic mess of color, punk music, and robot punching…needless to say, it’s going to get noisy.

What do we think?

Although, its early days with this release, Bogacs’ premise feels like an uncomfortable sign of the end times meets teenage punk rock anthem. But sure, don’t take my word for it. Take the word, or art, from artist Skylar Patridge (see above). Artistically, the concept designs makes me think of John Romita Jr’s efforts on Hit Girl. While, Nadia Shammas’ is a virtual unknown to me, I feel that with credits like Tor and Marvel – we’re in for a smart and succinctly dressed treat.

I’m on board for this new entry into Dystopian Sci-Fi.

What are the Creators saying?

Writer and co-creator Christof Bogacs had the following to comment on this upcoming release:

“VOLUME has been rattling around in my head for a while now. This is me venting all my pent-up teenage rage in an immature display of punching, explosions and song lyrics. The best part is I get to pull Skye and Nadia into the fray with me … and now Scout as well! As a fan of books like Long Lost and Heavenly Blues, I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Scout to bring this punk-drenched power-fantasy to life.”

With artist Skylar Patridge adding:

“Volume is a really special story, not only in its message but also in its execution. We wanted to create a world devoid of color, stifled by the confines of conformity — then smash it with color and punk music. It’s a story of youth, identity and reluctant rebellion in the face of authoritarianism.”

Series editor Nadia Shammas signed off with:

“VOLUME is a story that encapsulates the way teen girls are silenced and undervalued, and the way their voices are louder than ever.”

Engage with the Creators

Christof Bogacs – Twitter | Website

Skylar Patridge – Twitter | Website

Nadia Shammas – Twitter | Website

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