Metalshark Bro Vol 2, #1 - Review

Metalshark Bro Vol 2, #1 – Review

There can never be too many anthropomorphic animal characters. Whether it’s on screen or in the panels of a comic book, I absolutely adore the heads of animals transplanted onto body builder physiques. It’s a problem. A good problem if you ask me. A chance for my latent inner child to latch onto those late 90s memories of the Biker Mice from Mars.

Metalshark Bro does the exact same thing for me. It’s a truly wonderful series that taps into the pleasure centres of my brain that activates deep feelings of childish nostalgia. All the while giving the lead character in this comic book a truly metal as fuck satanic origin story. Because what’s more Metal than a shark being turned into a satanic metal head cursed to take out the devils enemies? I’ll wait.

Writers Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe waste little time in this second volume of Metalshark Bro by introducing us to a world where a Demonic Hamster has stolen his bestie. Giving rise to an opportunity for Satan himself to resurrect the Metalshark Bro we all know and love to unload several cans of pain on a gang of Cthulhu dudes, mutant alligators and magical demons.

Walt Ostlie’s illustrations throughout issue 1 give us a sense of fun and bombastic silliness that is only heightened by Cuffe and Frantz’s work. This trio of creators is a threesome you wouldn’t want to break up. Metalshark Bro’s voice is clear and defined in this crazed underworld the team has concocted.

After being given the chance to read through Metalshark Bro last year I’m beyond ecstatic that a demonic anthropomorphic metal head shark is getting a fresh set of new adventures. While Metalshark Bro isn’t going to break new ground in the comic book world – that is all part of the charm. Metalshark Bro is a non-stop thrill ride filled with misadventures and kickass battles that are sure to delight any Metalocalypse fan.

Recommended listening while reading this first issue?
Advance and Vanquish by 3 Inches of Blood.

Pick this up through Scout Comics in August.