Stabbity Bunny #11 - Review

Stabbity Bunny #11 – Review

There are some truly batshit crazy comic books I’ve read in my time though multi generational demons trapped in the guts of fluffy toy rabbits has never been on the list. Until now, that is. Stabbity Bunny #11 brings me into an unfamiliar universe that leans into the quirky fantastical worlds of comic books like Grimm Fairy Tales. Newcomers will quickly learn that the overarching story of Stabbity Bunny involves the Lee Family. A family somewhat cursed with the constant threat of a binded demon as the veritable skeleton in the closet.

Writer Richard Rivera’s parable of the classic good vs evil amid a giant bunny rabbit demon is greatly complemented by the clean illustration from artist Dwayne Biddix. A wise move when the last thing a reader would want is overly complex illustrations in a world of magic and demonic animals. Despite the ridiculousness of the premise, Stabbity Bunny #11 works and not in a way that one would expect. It celebrates the childish fairytale rendition of its namesake – both artistically and in story.

While a death at the end of the issue is sure to break the Lee Family in issue #12. For now, Stabbity Bunny reads as a traditional Asian folk tale with the villagers under siege. Its actually quite wonderful in its reinforcement of strong women on a generational front.

Stabbity Bunny #11 is a neat little surprise in a sea of independent comics and while at times I give a puzzled look at quite a few of Scout Comics’ acquisitions. I’m happy to say this isn’t one of those times. This is a strong entry into the annals of Young Adult fiction.