Australian Comic Book Company Hits 7K Sales with XCT Comic Title

Australian Comic Book Company Hits 7K Sales with XCT Comic Title

Australian Comic Book Company Hits 7K Sales with XCT Comic Title

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Australian Comic Book Company, Comics2Movies, a regular mainstay on the Aussie Comic Book Convention Circuit, has hit over 7000 sales with their flagship comic book title, XTreme Championship Tournament (XCT, for short). This includes all of their XCT Titles’ Sales to date and their Current XCT Infinity #1 Kickstarter Campaign.

Writers and Artists that have previously lended their talents to Comics2Movies include:
Ben Rosenthal
Alexander Malyshev
Jerry Gaylord
Wilson Anthony Go
Kieran Jack

Comics2Movies, although once a business primarily known for its Specialist Pop Culture Prints, has recently committed their time and effort into a becoming a Comic Book Studio first. Despite continuing to offer Pop Culture Prints, this will no longer be the foundation of the business. Owner and Founder Shaun Keenan elaborated on this in a recent interview:

XCT: Infinity #1

With just 10 short days left in the XCT: Infinity #1 campaign, Comics2Movies are coming close to their Kickstarter Campaign target of $6000 AUD. In addition to the usual Kickstarter Tiers that you’ve come to expect from Indie Comic Book Companies, Shaun and his team are offering the below Add Ons:

  • Extra $10 – Receive a Coveted Blank Variant to practice your XCT Character Doodling On.
  • Extra $25 – Receive an Exclusive XCT Set of Enamel Pins
  • Extra $50 – Receive an XCT T-Shirt

Additionally, the Kickstarter features reward tiers over 300+ pages of comics from other creators who have added there own work to our PDF Bundle Tier. Currently, there are 6 different comics included with another one added once they hit $6000.

According to Comics2Movies, this also marks the first time an Australia Comic Book has crossed over with a Video Game Company and the team are rather excited with this announcement. For more information on the other Benefits of this Kickstarter Campaign, simply use the Button Below.

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