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Over on the Comicsgate Farms

Ethan Van Sciver took to the doxxing site Kiwi Farms to suggest that it was none other than Tim Lim who was responsible for stirring up drama between Ernst and Kelsey Shannon. In his post, EVS explains that Doug Ernst took offense to Kelsey Shannon’s saying “Fuck Doug, Ernst!” during an episode of the JACK Show which aired shortly after Mr. Ernst launched his campaign for Soulfinder.

Various members of War Campaign were doxxed on Kiwi Farms. Ro took to Twitter to tell Ethan that Ro’s family was being targeted that the Ethan should refrain from going to the site. In order to boost moral, Ro played the War Campaign “Rape” song which only has one lyric.

Down Under Philosophy

Oz Arts Channel has gone to mostly non-Comicsgate vids as of late. Oz recently brought Liam Gray back for a bit of nostalgia, but no trashing of Ethan Van Sciver seemed to be permitted. Oz asked Liam if he ever had problems collaborating with figures in Comicsgate only to have them later disavow the movement before the project was to be released.

Ryzie puts forward the suggestion that, to an outside observer, both the Comicsgaters and those opposed would be perceived as exactly the same. An observation I do not agree with. Ryzie went on to say that many viewed #Comicsgate as simply a form of reality television, a sentiment I can support.

Douglas Ernst Checks In

Mr. Ernst granted me an interview to discuss the source of the “Conspiracy Against Allegiance Arts” op from last year. If you remember, Ethan suggested at the time that Mr. Ernst, myself, and other conspirators were seeking to take down Allegiance Arts. It would now seem that this was a perception by Mitch Breitweiser that Mr. Ernst might use his position for the Washington Times to pen an article critical of Allegiance Arts. This fear of Mr. Brietweiser’s was the origin of the conspiracy story which never really went anywhere.

Edwin Boyette and Q-Anon

Edwin Boyette lost his position with the Hawaii Republican Party after posting messages sympathetic to followers of Q-Anon. His prior association with Comicsgate was used by some to paint Conservatives as loving Comicsgate and Q-Anon.

Mr. Boyette deleted his Twitter account and posted a YouTube video describing his actions on Twitter as an “error in judgement.” He described the Twitter platform as no place for a “nuanced discussion” but rather for a place to “drop a link” or to “leave a hot take on somebody’s tweet.” Consequently, he defended his characterization of Q-Anon supporters (aka “Anons”) as being fundamentally good, patriotic people who did not deserve to be ridiculed as being a good stance released on an inappropriate platform.

When Male Activists Simp

Martina Markota’s former writer and artist jointly sued Lady Alchemy in California Federal Court for Copyright Infringement resulting in the campaign being removed from Indiegogo. Note that Lady Alchemy’s campaign should have already been forcibly closed according to the platform’s own rules due to lack of fulfillment for the comic book crowd fund originally launched in 2018. However, as discussed previously on this channel, Indiegogo turns a blind eye to enforcing their own rules when it comes to Ethan Van Sciver and his friends.

Comicsgate Morons Strike Again
Martina Markota in her video, “Milk is Racist”

Ms. Markota seems to bridge the divide between feuding factions in the group formerly known as Comicsgate: War Campaign features her image as their backdrop several times in the last month or so; she appeared on Michael Bancroft’s channel; and she appears with Jon Del Arroz who has described himself as aligned with Ethan Van Sciver after they hugged out their problems. At no point during any of her appearances do any of the self-proclaimed enemies of male weakness do anything but fawn and listen to the words of the pretty lady.

In under a week, Ms. Markota has raised close to $6000 from the would-be male activists so as to defend a lawsuit filed by her former art team so as to defend a lawsuit on a roughly two year late campaign. It’s hard to imagine this being anything but throwing good money after bad. The lawsuit will prove expensive and delay the campaign even further, and why exactly is it everyone else’s problem that the woman notorious for her lack of organization and tendency towards narcissism should need money for legal fees? Those are the kinds of questions that no one seemed willing to ask.

The complete lack of clarity for what agreement existed between the parties necessitates a lengthy discovery period in order to ascertain what was agreed to and when. Since we can consider the nearly $50,000 given to Martina Markota’s original campaign as spent by the burlesque dancer who suffered the same fate as Mr. Del Arroz on the “Conservative Black List”, what is there to recover by her former art team? This case will be expensive to litigate and I don’t see anything for the parties to realistically recover, but Comicsgate supporters have a long history of backing the losing horse when it comes to lawsuits.

Prepare for Attenuation

Richard C Meyer (aka Ya Boi Zach) terminated his Indiegogo campaign for Rock and Roll Ninjas after what he considered a poor showing. On his channel, Mr. Meyer reviewed data he tabulated on the performance of the major players in and around the former Comicsgate scene and came to the conclusion that tougher times lie ahead.

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Richard C Meyer (aka Ya Boi Zach)

He cites the time 10 years ago when B Clay Moore‘s Kickstarter campaign was considered a major success having raised over $20,000. Then came the 2018 glory days of Comicsgate when Richard C Meyer became catapulted to internet fame calling Heather Antos a “Cum dumpster” and initiating a lawsuit against Mark Waid for Tortious Interference with the Jaw Breaker’s publishing deal with Antarctic Press. Mr. Meyer admits that he was the beneficiary of chance circumstances that will not repeat and that there is no way for him to sustain the number of backers he originally captured.

In his analysis, Mr. Meyer concludes that crowdfunding is a “sub-optimal” platform that was only intended to act as a “satellite” to the mainstream industry. He further decries the decline of crowd funding as the responsibility of the “SJWs” by asking, “What do we do when the sun we are orbiting dies?”

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