Last Week in Vulgar #Comicsgate Hate Mob: Simping for Virtue

Comicsgate hits an All New Low

Ethan Van Sciver leads a hate mob of his fans on YouTube and Twitter under the hashtag #Comicsgate and uses that drama to sell mediocre comic books. The resulting combination of mixing greed with weaponized autism results in levels of hilarity to which few things can compare.

As you can imagine, hate mobs dislike criticism. Comicsgate displays tends to transform into shrieking violets babbling about masculinity as they flee to their safe spaces. And that’s just for the rank and file. Those seeking to climb to the top of the crowd funding chain, will usually seek to become talk show stars on YouTube serving up fresh hot takes for the crowd, and purity testing each other to see which one needs elimination.

I take great satisfaction in watching the Comicsgate disillusioned fall out of the herd as they realize they were sold a bunch of overpriced comics by people who were not morally superior in any way to those they claim to despise.

Last Week in Vulgar #Comicsgate Hate Mob: Simping for Virtue 1

Update on the Comicsgate Trademark

On Friday, Antonio Malpica (Cridious) was served with my Motion for Judgement in the Comicsgate trademark case. Ideally, a judge will render a verdict in my favor in the next six weeks or so, but I do wish to remind the reader that the wheels of justice turn slowly. Antonio apparently reached out to That Umbrella Guy (aka TUG) who suggested to the CG faithful that they needed to pony up some money to help Antonio fight to keep the trademark.

As Cridious has already received $38,500 for Detective Dead back in 2018 and not produced a comic book, the idea of giving him yet more money seems a non-starter for the CG crowd. War Campaign ridiculed this take by TUG.

Visiting the Enemy

As you may have heard, I went on the War Campaign stream over at Dlive. It went pretty much as you would have expected. They purported to want to discuss the trademark issue, but instead the topics that occupied their minds involved my sex life and how Renfamous smells.

Ro, leader of War Campaign, did ask about Dark Gift Comics‘s new project featuring my ex-wife as a “spite campaign.” This seems a bridge too far as Ro labeled Dark Gift a “fruitcake.” In response, Dark Gift held a 3 hour cope stream on his YouTube channel where he bemoaned WC’s “turning” on him and “betraying” the loyalty he had shown them over the year.

A spite campaign Ethan didn’t like

Ethan Van Sciver went on to make an offhand comment on Nick Reiketta’s stream that there were some lines that should not be crossed and that involving someone’s ex-wife in a spite campaign was one of them. Of course, this Ethan is revising history here, as he previously was calling for Liam Gray to feature an interview with my ex-wife on his channel.

Richard C Meyer’s Comicsgate Star is Falling

Another fading star of the Comicsgate scene was Richard C Meyer (aka Ya Boi Zach), who found himself singled out for both poor writing and a lack of virtue signaling by both Ro and new CG YouTuber Inch High Comic Guy. The criticism surrounding Mr. Meyer’s lack of social media presence began when he left Twitter roughly 2 years ago after calling Heather Antos a “c** dumpster”. More recently, Mr. Meyers has not done many livestreams on his channel, nor has he commented on the goings on within the Comicsgate scene.

Comicsgate Edge-Lords Behaving Badly

This week saw a lot of comic creators and commentators on the scene serving up some spicy, hot takes on Twitter and YouTube.

Nasser and Jon Del Arroz (JDA) engaged in “humorous” accusations of pedophilia, an insult pre-approved by Ethan Van Sciver. Always one to take responsibility for his actions, JDA explained that he was justified in his retaliation as he was being “attacked” by someone who was acting as part of my campaign to cancel him.

Rejoining #Comicsgate has not been a bed of roses for Nasser, as he ended up storming off of his own shill stream instead of continue on with Testefy and Soy Rage. Nasser did enjoy jumping on the MAP bandwagon and demonstrated his ability to dismiss criticism by reading it in an effeminate voice.

Nasser’s non-stop ring kissing seems to have paid dividends as Ethan took to Twitter to tell Donald Delay to “Pay Nasser.” Ethan also mentioned that Liam Gray, creator of Xenotype, has refused his refund requests.

Allegations and Actions of Casual Racism

Todd Mulrooney, who appears to be a 50/50 partner with Mike Baron on the Florida Man project, took to Twitter to decry what he felt was a racist depiction of a black character; the script called for someone who appeared as legendary black entertainer Cab Calloway. If Mr. Mulrooney is, indeed, a 50/50 partner, and if they two project owners can not reach an agreement, then uncertainty clouds the future of Florida Man.

Ro and War Campaign called out Yanzi Lin’s reversal regarding Ethan’s tweet to rename #Comicsgate to ICE. Similar to Nasser, the voice of those they do not like must be read in a bizarre affection which, in this case, involved Panboy reading it with an Cantonese accent. Ro also gave a critique of Guinevere and the Divinity factory, which mentioned nothing about the comic but instead a half minute rant about someone getting “fucked in the ***.”

Our reaction when Comicsgate tries to rally its troops
^Our reaction when Comicsgate tries to rally its Troops

Pivoting to Merit

Dark Gift Comics seems to have changed a tack from the “spite campaign” previously advertised for the project “Hunting Alice.” I am now to understand that the project should live or die on its merits and now in part because of the relation of the collaborators to me. Sign up for Hunting Alice on Indiegogo:

Comicsgate gets a new Daddy

Big Daddy, a new #Comicsgate commentator, has been issuing spicy hot takes on virtually everyone: – He characterized me as a “gas lighter” for saying that Dark Gift intended Hunting Alice as a “spite campaign.”

– He questioned what the Roulette character was going to do in the comic as well as Dark Gift’s motivation for involvement.

– He calls Ro a number of unmanly things, and that War Campaign sit on the special bus which everyone should avoid.

– Lady Alchemy (aka Martina Markota) has been the target of “Con Intel Pro” as part of a left wing conspiracy to stop conservative women from entering comics.

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