Two weeks in the #Comicsgate Nerd Rage Cult: The Stillborn Revolution

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Comicsgate Fear the Biden Administration

Concerns over what social media will be like with the incoming Biden Administration sent shockwaves through the Comicsgate community.

Eric July had a sit down with Just Some Guy. Eric lamented that Conservatives did not maintain their identities the way Progressives do. As a result, entire social media platforms had become the territory of one political ideology.

Was this supposed to be something that Comicsgate was supposed to fix? Just Some Guy theorized that they will need to offer lower priced books with faster delivery before they can be seen as a true alternative to the mainstream.

Meanwhile, Tim Lin’s book, Kamen America 3 rocked to over $50k in its first 24 hours. Perhaps Comicsgate should have kept a better grip on their Conservative voices.

War Campaign fears that they will lose their ability to meme entirely under social media crackdowns. They also maintain a fixation with my sex life.

Over on Michael Bancroft’s channel, one panelist theorized that this was all the fault of Capitalism. Another felt that it was “Corporatealism” which he want on to explain was the result of business guru Peter Drucker’s desire to instill Fascism in American business.

Doug Tenapel in Exile, reported on Twitter that YouTube has struck his channel and he can not communicate with his subscribers.

A Hate Group by Any Other Name

Ethan Van Sciver gave an interview to Lord Finatra where he revealed that he had no intention of platforming small creators as it did not produce good results for him. He further went on to explain that Comicsgate was not a hate group because, although they bonded over their shared hated a specific group of people, those pesky SJWs could stop believing what they did at any time. Thus, the hatred was not based on inherent characteristics, and, by his definition, not a hate group.

Jon Malin accused Doug Ernst of acting out of anger towards Mr. Malin which motivated Mr. Ernst to spread the rumor that Mr. Malin had leaked a DM chat of Ethan Van Sciver calling Antarctic Press “faggots.” In the DM leaked by Ro, Ethan indicated that he believed Mr. Ernst, but he has since decided to side with Malin. For now.

Just Jokes Bro!

War Campaign called out Dynamite Comics commemorative Biden-Harris comic, complete with familiar looking silvery coins. They went on to sling more casual racism.

On Twitter, War Campaign aired a meme of former sympathizer, Piper, that featured lewd photographs she had sent to her then fiance. Piper spoke out about the event and decried the apparent apathy from her associates in Comicsgate who seemed unwilling to get involved in drama that did not concern them directly.

The War Campaign “meme” of Piper used a lewd photograph sent to her fiance for the purposes of intimidation.

In comments on my YouTube video, Piper admitted that, while she relished sharing revenge porn of this article’s author at previous times, her main objection seemed to be the lack of willingness of her “friends” to call out the poor behavior when she was, in turn, targeted.

War Campaign declared that they have a focus on making quality comic books, and that their future in the industry is bright. The author suspects that their repeatedly poor performance may cost them business in the long run.

Flattery by Imitation

Dark Gift Comics ( partnership with Auby Meletio (, ex-wife of the author, seems the hand of fate. In a recent interview with former WC member and proud Comicsgate supporter, Rosetta Allen, Ms. Meletio said that she suspects that she and Dark Gift were friends in another life.

While not proudly bearing the tag, Ms. Meletio described herself as having “Friends in #Comicsgate” and that she faced being blacklisted because of it.

Dark Gift Comics has premiered a clone of the author’s show entitled, “Comicsgate News Without the Drama,” now available on his YouTube Channel.

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