Two Weeks in the #Comicsgate Nerd Rage Cult: Autopsy and Reboot

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Comicsgate Nerd Rage

Much of the first week week was spent analyzing the aftermath of Richard C Meyer dropping his lawsuit against Mark Waid.

Comicsgate Turns Its Back on YBZ

Inch High Comic Guy uploaded his last video on the topic of Richard C Meyer (aka Ya Boi Zack). Inch High stated that, as RCM was not “respecting the fans” and since he had not identified with Comicsgate, he was no longer going to be a topic of discussion on his channel.

Richard C Myer aka Ya Boi Zack of Comicsgate

Big Daddy went further saying that the whole “Ya Boi” schtick was dead now and that, whether he knew it or not, “Richard C Meyer has hit his own business with the five point palm exploding heart technique.” He predicted that RCM’s future campaign would see a continual decline as his audience eroded until he eventually stopped putting out books altogether 2-3 years down the road.

A few Comicsgate voices noted that, with such criticism of Richard C Meyer being so widespread, that no one left in CG would be spared criticism going forward. Big Daddy theorized what might have been if only War Campaign were run more like a business. He proceeded to put forward a model of elite backers working with neophyte writers and artists to render many new comic book visions unto the world.

Big Daddy then went on to note Ethan Van Sciver seems to hold an extremely low opinion of his fans. In a recent post on Kiwi Farms, EVS stated that he promoted Liam despite the history of unstable behavior that Liam displayed, because, in Ethan’s world, 75% of his fans are just like Liam Gray.

This explains quite a bit. After all, why worry about losing business over “Daddy Can’t Rape Us All”? The Liam Grays of the world won’t care and that’s who Ethan’s core audience is.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

Last Sunday, Ro and War Campaign held services for Comicsgate after having declared it dead. Tyler, who formerly left WC just after the Ethan split, returned to the fold of Ro, Gat and Pan. Over the course of that steam, myself, Doug Tenapel, and Edwin Boyette went on to point out that all the signs of the now revealed present lay before them in the past, if only they had bothered to look.

In comparison to Big Daddy’s rosy pronouncement of things that might have been, Doug Tenapel argued that Comicsgate was more or less doomed from the start.

“It was a business, masquerading as a movement… Once you involve money, the truth goes out the window.”

Profitting Over Politics

With all the political turmoil, Doug Tenapel transformed his channel into a Pro-Trump political channel, and was gone from 5000 subs 6 weeks ago to well over 300,000. Combined with the sucess of Tim Lin Kamen America, Doug’s success was the second to happen in the last 6 months to a person Ethan had banished from his circle of influence.

The Final Statement Over Hunting Alice

My ex-wife, who seems to be becoming a “Lady of CG,” left a comment on a prior episode to inform me that the Hunting Alice project was always going to be sold on merit. Not on spite.

The Age Old Question

Over on Michael Bancroft’s channel, the eternal question #Comicsgate was once again asked:

“Is a comic creator required to self-identify as #Comicsgate in order to receive the love of Ethan’s audience.”

Previously the question was “Yes!” Now the answer is, “Pledging your loyalty is not enough!” Nasser transformation from CG-critic to Hailing Ceasar Comicsgater was a divisive one. If he looks like a Comicsgater, and quacks like a Comicsgater, should we consider him part of Comicsgater?

Turns out, the answer is no. People like Nasser are just “pretending” to be Comicsgate.

“The fans can tell.”

Somehow, fans can tell who is a true believer in the cause of Comicsgate and who is simply pretending now that Comicsgate has done the “heavy lifting.”

In fact, in a bizarre twist of logic, those who do not make any attempt to associate with Comicsgate seem to have an easier road than those who do. Those outside of Comicsgate can produce a good book and get ‘some’ attention. Compare that to someone who associates with Comicsgate who has to go through the special fan purity testing of where the creator’s loyalty really lies.

Do you believe in the cause enough, bro?

Of course, no one in Mr. Bancroft’s collection of mental giants seemed capable of defining what it meant to be Comicsgate. Heaven forbid someone translate the label to set of standards which did not involve self-identification and multiple hails. Because, if they did, Nasser might qualify. 🙂

A fitting touch to the entire discussion was Liam Gray’s presence in the chat where he bemoaned the 2 years of his life that he had invested in “the movement.” He was then labeled “Anti-CG” by DA Talks.

Hail Renfamous

Despite the use of Texas cosplayer Renfamous as the constant prop villain of Comicsgate for the last 2 years, she has a better track record of stances from which she didn’t have to retreat over that time:

  • She opposed raising money for the Richard C Meyer / Ya Boi Zack lawsuit back when Comicsgate was determined to “Own the SJWs in court” so that CG would achieve a lasting victory on the “Culture War.”
  • Her litigation track record of excellent continued when she ridiculed the efforts of TUG and Nick Reiketta to “Stand with Vic” by funding the Vic Mignogna lawsuit against Funimation.
    – She recently posted what seems like another truth for the ages. “Nerds are easy to radicalize.”

I’ve observed the process of nerd radicalization so often I feel like I could write a book on the subject. In essence, all they want is validation. Just say that who they are is wondering and you agree with them, and they will take up arms to oppose any you deem an enemy.

The question that lies firmly at the root of the CG Purity Test is, “Does this person really like ME?”

If the answer seems unclear, they’re not going to back your book and will enjoy burning your image in effigy. Unless you make it clear that you were opposed to them from the start and just have a good book that they might like. What can I say, CG morality was never consistent.

War Campaign Abuses Customer Information

I know this revelation will come as a total shock to long time viewers, but your backer information may not be completely safe with War Campaign.

The Pan v. Testefy feud continued and Pan, being Pan, did his best to attempt to intimidate his opponent with his knowledge of personal information about the other person. In this case, Pan knew that it was technically Testefy’s wife that backed Vestige.

This information was only available to Ro, who was running the campaign. Of course, War Campaign has a convoluted justification for how Pan knew this. In typical WC fashion, it amounts to “Hear and Believe.”

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