The Other Week in #Comicsgate Hate Mob: Emergent sex scandals, Lies, and Insanity.

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The Comicsgate Insanity Continues

Ethan Van Sciver leads a hate mob of his fans on YouTube and Twitter under the hashtag #Comicsgate and uses that drama to sell mediocre comic books. The resulting combination of mixing greed with weaponized autism results in levels of hilarity to which few things can compare.

As you can imagine, hate mobs dislike criticism. Comicsgate displays tends to transform into shrieking violets babbling about masculinity as they flee to their safe spaces. And that’s just for the rank and file. Those seeking to climb to the top of the crowd funding chain, will usually seek to become talk show stars on YouTube serving up fresh hot takes for the crowd, and purity testing each other to see which one needs elimination.

I take great satisfaction in watching the Comicsgate disillusioned fall out of the herd as they realize they were sold a bunch of overpriced comics by people who were not morally superior in any way to those they claim to despise.

The Other Week in #Comicsgate Hate Mob: Emergent sex scandals, Lies, and Insanity. 1

Year Ending with Anti-Climax Episode

Richard C Meyer (aka Ya Boi Zack, because who would use their real name?) voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit against Mark Waid. The lawsuit that basically focused attention on Comicsgate voluntarily dismissed with prejudice recovering no damages whatsoever. This was, of course, lauded as a show of force by RCM who let his opponent off easy while flexing the strength of Comicsgate. After this stunning, yet brave, victory for EVS and company, RCM will most likely fly the colors of Comicsgate again as he no longer has the case hanging over him.

Leuds for Clout?

Ro has become the Santa Claus of the drama YouTuber this week by, at long last, dropping the hot DM receipts. However, the biggest bombshell revelation ended up not being a DM drop at all; instead, knowledge of a sexual relationship between Mandy Summers that was admitted to by Ro, Ethan Van Sciver and Ro Khabir.

Let’s face it, Liam Gray was not high up in the CG inner circle, and he’s claiming to have knowledge of Mandy Summers. If he’s to be believed, which is not a given since we’re talking about Liam Gray, then the knowledge of Mandy Summers sexting escapades and “leuds” was fairly common knowledge.

This scandal will have legs. If Miss Summers was, in fact, blackmailing EVS and company over her relations with Kyle Ritter for clout, as Ro now claims, then that would mean that Comicsgate has completed the circle of Gamergate: woman trading sexual favors for favorable positions by influencers who sold an inferior products, Wart the Wizard in this case, to consumers.

The Other Week in #Comicsgate Hate Mob: Emergent sex scandals, Lies, and Insanity.
The Other Week in #Comicsgate Hate Mob: Emergent sex scandals, Lies, and Insanity.

A Movement Based On Loyalty

What it the guy who was telling you to “Grab an Oar and shout from the loudest rooftops that ‘I am Comicsgate!'” was secretly an SJW? Turns out, Jon Malin leaked DMs of Ethan slandering Antarctic Press as a “bunch of faggots;” Mr. Malin expressed to Doug Ernst and others that he, “Had gay relatives,” back in 2018.

Surely, if Comicsgate were a movement based on loyalty and not on clout, then people would recognize that such a disloyal action would be punished. And yet…. Ethan chose Malin over War Campaign despite Malin’s lack of loyalty. In the end, it’s all about clout and a shared industry experience than it is about loyalty. Sorry folks, but those loyalty dollars won’t spend.

No Refunds on the Culture War

As 2020 comes to an end, it has come to light that:
– the lawsuit that first brought attention to it ended up being a complete loser AND
– Loyalty amounts to nothing compared to money as far as Ethan Van Sciver is concerned.

Sorry folks, but all those dollars you gave to RCM’s legal fund are now either in his lawyer’s pocket, or a charity of EVS and RCM’s choice. Don’t worry, I’m sure that the guy who sold solid silver coins that contained no actual silver will sell make sure all that excess money gets to the hands of the needy.

Incidentally, Ethan had knowledge of War Campaign’s tendency to “dildo meme” Ethan’s opponents. He used to defend himself by saying, “I can’t police my fans.” Turns out, Ethan was one of the one’s giving them instruction on who to harass next. Ro dropped a DM showing Ethan requesting a special dildo memeing of Edwin Boyette. I know this will come as a shock to long term viewers, but Ethan Van Sciver understood what War Campaign was doing, and sought to benefit from it.

Simping Don’t Pay

Someone needs to inform Nasser that his loyalty dollars have an expiration date. Unfortunately for him, Nasser upset Ethan by comparing him to the “Starlord” a character Marvel recently revealed was bisexual. Ethan was also questioning Nasser’s choice of bringing Pan from War Campaign on to harass Testefy. Nasser apologized profusely and all was forgiven… for now.

The Shrinking Pool

Notice how EVS’s critics, whom he labels as “crazy stalkers,” were all on his side earlier in the year? Sociopathy can not become the foundation for anything. Perhaps those who are willing to traffic in lies for money can perpetuate a false reality for a shrinking cadre of fans, but eventually the truth wins out.

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