X-Men #7 Panel

X-MEN #7 – Reaches Evil Cult-like Status

If things were nefarious in X-Men before, they’re approaching downright evil and cultish by now When Cassandra Nova sent Sentinels to attack Genosha during Grant Morrison’s New X-Men (2002), she ended the onslaught with a total kill count of about fifteen million mutants – just because she knew it would break the heart of her … Read more

X-MEN #6 - The Most Dangerous Threat is Love 2

X-MEN #6 – The Most Dangerous Threat is Love

Mystique will do Anything for love! People will do anything for love. Love is the only reason that Mystique is even considering helping Charles Xavier and Magneto on missions to make a safe world for Mutants a reality, even if it means dying herself. With the abilities of The Five making rebirth a possibility for … Read more