Scout Comics Announces Limited Edition METAL Covers

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Scout Comics Goes Metal

Scout Comics has announced Limited Edition ‘Metal’ Covers as part of their Metal Cover Program.

Scout Comics have announced an addition to their Mission to provide Comic Book fans with the Best Content and Collectables on the Comic Book Market. Enter: their “Ultra Limited” Metal Cover Program.

Each month, one title will be chosen to feature. The cover will then receive the metallize treatment and 100 copies of the this Limited Edition Comic will follow. Thus, creating the ultimate Indie Comic Book Collectable. 

Scout brass tell us these copies will be serialized (1-100) and limited to two per customer.

Each Metal Cover will be announced on the Scout Comics website the moment they go live.
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This month’s Metal Cover Offering is White Ash’s Glairen, featuring a White-Hot Metal cover by Carla Cohen. 

Scout Comics Announces Limited Edition METAL Covers
Scout Comics Announces Limited Edition METAL Covers: Glarien Issue 1

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