Black Cotton Indie Comic Series Heads to Scout Comics

Black Cotton

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Black Cotton Heads to Scout Comics

Black Cotton, a fiercely Indie Comic Book Series, created by writers Patrick Foreman and Brian Hawkins – is headed to Scout Comics.

Black Cotton Indie Comic Series Heads to Scout Comics 1

Earlier today Scout Comics announced that Indie Comic Book series, Black Cotton, has joined their rapidly growing roster of creator owned Comic Book Titles. A comic book that reverses Societal and Racist norms in which African Americans are the elite and Caucasians are the oppressed.

The Synopsis is as follows:

Set in an alternate reality where the social order of “white” and “black” is reversed, an elitist family, the Cottons, are rocked by a tragic shooting that begins to unravel long standing family secrets that could not only destroy the family, but also divide the fragile social climate of the world.

Elijah Cotton, the modern patriarch of the Cotton family and business mogul of Black Cotton Ventures, tries to manage the public outrage and fallout from his police officer son, Zion Cotton’s, shooting of a young white woman. Meanwhile, Qia Cotton, the only daughter of Eljiah and the CEO of Black Cotton Ventures, attempts to assuage the situation by paying off the victim and her family; Xavier Cotton, the youngest Cotton and sophomore in high school, works on a history project that takes him down a rabbit hole of family history.

Black Cotton Indie Comic Series Heads to Scout Comics

What do we think?

The premise of the Black Cotton series is an exciting play on the various what if scenarios that could be explored in the Comic Book medium. From the get go, the decision to make Black Cotton a Black and White effort is a smart play by all the creators involved. By not putting too much emphasis on colourisation, the writing and character dialogue is given more opportunity to breathe.

Artistically, Black Cotton looks and feels like an indie comic book much like The Walking Dead felt like a staunchly independent comic book upon the release of its first issue. While artist Marco Perugini’s work looks nothing like Charlie Adlard’s, it does feel like if Tyler Jenkins had never decided to colour his illustrations.

What are the Creators saying?

Co-writer and co-creator Brian Hawkins had the following to say about this upcoming release through Scout Comics:

“Black Cotton is a comic, but it’s also a mindset; it’s a mindset that’s being explored in a comic.”

Engage with the Creators

Patrick Foreman – Twitter

Brian Hawkins – Twitter

Marco Perugini

Francisco Zamora – Twitter

Jerry Nilsson

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