REVIEW: Grimm Fairy Tales #46 Mixes Up Horror and Fantasy

Grimm Fairy Tales #46 – Review

Grimm Fairy Tales Issue 46 continues the ongoing story of Skye Mathers who has taken on the mantle Guardian of the Nexus. It’s written by Dave Franchini with art by Dario Tallarico, colouring by Jorge Cortes and lettering by Taylor Esposito.


The saga of the Dark Book continues as Skye pursues another escaped entity from this evil tome, one that may hold the answers that she needs to finally free Shang (Skye’s mentor).

Grimm Fairy Tales is published by Zenescope and is available from your Local Comic Shop as of 10th March, 2021.

Grimm Fairy Tales Issue 46

Grimm Fairy Tales #46 Story

Grimm Fairy Tales Issue 46 continues the (mis)adventures of Skye Mathers as she continues to come to grips with her mantle as Guardian of the Nexus (a title her mother previously held). A title which isn’t all that relevant to follow the story of this issue. Suffice to say, Skye is the drop dead gorgeous heroine of the story who is using whatever means she has to track down Chang (her mentor).

This leads us to an investigation of a mysterious well that abducts grieving men at a nearby graveyard and turns them into mindless evil zombies. Jumping head first into battle, the well is revealed to house a veritable labyrinth underground which leads to the aging and gaunt Mother Hulda. Hulda tries to successfully take the book of fairy tales from Skye only to be sucked right into its dark pages and thus ending the issue.

Despite the simplicity of the story line, Issue 46 of Grimm Fairy Tales lives up to its namesake. Dave Franchini continues to do a truly terrifying job at scribing a comic book series which is essentially about the darker sides of fairy tales and the supernatural as a whole. This issue intersects at a narrow line of fantasy and horror. With the result being an interesting side quest, if you will, fraught with danger and starring legions of the undead.

You’ll find remnants of old horror movies and fairy tales on the darker side that directly influence Franchini’s work in this issue. It’s horror meets fantasy in a bold new Fairy Grimm Tales way with all the usual hallmarks, comedic beats, complete with hacking and slashing.

Grimm Fairy Tales #46 Art

Dario Tallarico’s art is as dark as it is magical. His particular style lends itself favourably to a comic book series that celebrates the horror and fantasy genres in equal ways. His illustrations of the short lived horde of the undead is truly menacing just as his interpretation of Skye’s choreography is ultimately heroic. The creepy elements tow the line in this issue with the reveal of Mother Hulda’s age evoking similar nostalgia to the look of The Crypt Keeper (of Tales from the Crypt fame).

Jorge Cortes’ colouring flirts with a style similar to Steve Firchow’s coloring in The Darkness (Top Cow). Although lighter and with brighter tones hitting their mark on every page. A welcome approach in a comic which should really hero the female form in both grace and beauty,

Grimm Fairy Tales #46 Conclusion

Grimm Fairy Tales Issue 46 is a welcome respite to the main arc of Skye Mathers in her search for Chang. It feels very urban legend horror and weaves that construct around the established lore that Dave Franchini, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco have created for the character. It’s as adventurous as it is filled with terrifying horror. As comedic as it is serious. There’s all the usual highlights you’d expect from a comic book that tackles the supernatural in various forms. A Fairy Tale this comic book issue is not.

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