GRIMM FAIRY TALES #37 – Treacherous Merlin Brainwashes our Heroine

Grimm Fairy Tales #37 - image courtesy of Zenescope

Plenty of Moustache Twirling in Grimm Fairy Tales #37

If you’re looking for an easy Segway into the wonderful and fantastical world of Grimm Fairy Tales then I wouldn’t start with this book. You probably won’t understand the many character and plot references of recent issues. You’ll spend most of your time staring at Merlin and go why the f- does he have a blue skull head?

Issue 37 of Grimm Fairy Tales brings us to the Grimm version of the Knights of the Round Table. Or, at the very least, Merlin’s knights as the Grimm universe knows them. There’s a never ending moustache twirling scene of mystical bravado from Merlin. All before a giant toad of monstrous proportions is brought to vomit up the heroine of the hour: Skye Mathers.

Grimm Fairy Tales #37 - image courtesy of Zenescope

Skye versus Blue Skull Headed Merlin – WHAT? Just go with it.

Skye Mathers, the Guardian of the Nexus, is the final piece in Merlin’s evil plot. A plot that will see Skye Mathers under Merlin’s control when she puts her armour on. After a few “mwahahaha”’s at the expense of Skye and her friend Stephen. Skye busts free and takes on all the members of Merlin’s table of knights. All before they outnumber her and throw her in the dungeon.

The dungeon scene is quite redundant and all achieves to do is introduce Lance, the Green Knight and old friend. An old friend that had been completely brainwashed by Merlin’s magical whims. How else could this issue end but with Skye under his control? An overused trope that will no doubt lead to the conclusion of this story arc.

Grimm Fairy Tales #37 - image courtesy of Zenescope

The Art in this Issue Sings

Grimm Fairy Tales #37 is a well polished artistic piece. With the colouring of Jorge Cortes matched with the fine lines of Cleber Lima’s illustrations. Though it’s the story itself, under the hands of Brusha, Tedesco and Franchini, that feels like there’s too many cooks in a very cramped kitchen.

If you’re new to this comic book and feel the need for that old Masters of the Universe feel then you’ll gravitate towards this series and probably this run. Bring on the Grimm Fairy Tales 2020 Annual – through Zenescope.

Whenever that’s going to come out…