REVIEW: Bloodshot #11 Is Superheroism on Steroids

Bloodshot #11 Review

Bloodshot Issue 11 continues the story of a one man wrecking machine superhero who is nigh invulnerable thanks to nanites infused to his blood. Because, let’s face it, folks. Bloodshot would give Wolverine a run for his money. Bloodshot Issue 11 is written by Tim Seeley with art by Pedro Andreo, colouring by Andrew Dalhouse and lettering by Dave Sharpe. While editing is covered by Drew Baumgartner and and Lysa Hawkins.


“One Last Shot” fires away as Bloodshot and his crew hunt down the resurrected Project Rising Spirit! Featuring the appearance of a classic Bloodshot villain.

Bloodshot is published by Valiant Entertainment and is available for purchase from your Local Comic Shop as of February 24th, 2021.

Bloodshot issue 11 comic book review

Bloodshot Issue 11 Story

Tim Seeley takes us further down the Project Rising Spirit rabbit hole and reinforces why the best Bloodshot comics are the ones where he has companions. And not companions like Doctor Who companions. More like the explosive and stabby companions you’d want by your side if you’re Bloodshot and trying to take down a shadowy military organisation in similar vein to X-Men’s Weapon X program.

Issue 11 of Bloodshot, although a second part to this run of the Project Rising Spirit storyline, wouldn’t be the worst comic book issue to jump onboard with. Seeley does a fantastic job at casually introducing the reader to Bloodshot’s companions KT and Wiggins in such a way that isn’t overly obnoxious and blatant comicsplaining to a newcomer to the series. While at the same time he dishes up a hot plate of fan service with the (re)introduction of Rampage. Who, for lack of a better explanation, is Bloodshots deadly nanite infused arch-nemesis and pretty much the Sabretooth to Marvel’s Wolverine.

As the slow burn of introducing of Rampage weaves in and out of the main story, Bloodshot and his companions follow the Project Rising Spirit scent to an underwater lab. After a brief comedic display of Wigan’s who, is convinced he’s going to drown and didn’t sign up for swimming, the trio arrive at this underwater lab and are ambushed by an ex-dead marine who is basically all parts and has a skull for a head encased in a glass helmet.

What follows is a grandiose classical display of non-stop superhero action. Seeley knows Bloodshot through and through, a fact which is clear throughout the dialogue and beats of the action scenes. Scenes which are magnificently otherworldly. There’s a feeling of well-studied familiarity in how Seeley scripts the character movements from panel to panel. His understanding that we came here as readers to see Bloodshot kick ass and blow shit up. That’s all we need and that’s what we get. Bravo!

Bloodshot Issue 11 Art

If you’re checking back in on Bloodshot after a break from this comic book then Pedro Andreo is a style that is going to impress you. His style is a like a jolt straight to the heart, reminding you why you picked up Bloodshot the first time. And most importantly – why superheroes are your jam.

Thanks to Andreo’s combined efforts with colourist Andrew Dalhouse we get an orgy of colours, sights and textures that leap out at you from the page. Immersing you in the world of Bloodshot and keeping you on the edge of your seat til that very last panel.

Bloodshot Issue 11 Conclusion

Bloodshot Issue 11 is a spectacle to behold. It digs deep into what pulls on the superhero heartstrings and creates a high octane reading experience. It’s superheroism on steroids. It’s the right electric jolt to the cerebellum that activates your inner child. Action. Mayhem. Humour. Repeat. Seeley and Andreo unleash it all in this issue.

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