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Possession #2 Comic Book Review

Possession #2 Review

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About Possession #2

Possession #2 is the second issue in a 4 issue mini-series filled with drama and erotica. It is written by Michael Norwitz and Mary Ann Vaupel, pencilled by Enrico Carnevale, coloured by Andrea Blanco, lettered by HdE and edited by Mad Moll Green.

SYNOPSIS: Javier Sanchez and Sheila Evans become better acquainted! Anaya Monette, Rusty’s sister makes her first appearance! Bertrand’s plans for Cora come closer to fruition! And the gods step down to interact with humanity at last!

Possession #2 has an average Comixology Rating of 5 out 5 Stars.

Possession #2 Review

Possession #2 picks up right from the end of Issue #1 with little time having past. The issue centres squarely on two characters: Sheila and Javier. Who, after the events of the first issue, are hiding out in what appears to be an abandoned shack of junkie proportions – from the beasts that attacked Javier earlier on in the story. 

As a result, Sheila and Javier are thrown into a relationship of survival quite by chance. A relationship that mirrors the events of Ares/Aphrodite’s coupling – as depicted in Possession #1. With the henchman trying to find them, mirroring the actions of the Greek Gods displeased with Ares and Aphrodite’s love affair. It’s starting to become clear that Sheila and Javier are almost possessed by the spirit of the Ares/Aphrodite myth. 

Surely escaping from their pursuers, they Hotwire a car only to be forced down a dangerous cliff, leaving a flaming wreckage in its wake. With only the unrequited lust of Ares and Aphrodite to save them.

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While this is going down, the B-plot of the issue is the uncomfortable relationship of Cora and Bertrand. Cora, the “Ugly Betty” of the series, who is gradually getting seduced by Bertrand’s advances and mentioning of her only weakness: cats. Eventually, it’s revealed that Bertrand is after Cora because he only after her for her virginity. Something that he possesses at the end of the second act when he turns into a literal demon and mounts Cora in probably one of the most uncomfortable displays of erotica I’ve ever seen. 

There’s a lot to love about Possessions #2. The story itself begins to elaborate into the different meanings of what possession is and what it means to be possessed. From passion on one end of the scale to ownership and servitude on the other end. Enrico Carnevale’s Latin influence has the right amount of range required for Michael Norwitz and Mary Ann Vaupel’s script. Though there are times I feel the character stereotypes are too literal – I do have to remind myself this is an erotica comic book. 

I would love to see how Norwitz and Vaupel’s script looks and just how much artistic license has been taken by Carnevale. Even if just for a retrospective analysis. Possession #2 feels like a Stanley Kubrick romp filtered by a Tarantino lense. The balance of lust and power play feels right with each turn of the page. 

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