Foreign Press announce Comics Unscripted Podcast

Comics Unscripted Podcast

Indie comic book company Foreign Press has a new Podcast.

The aptly dubbed Comics Unscripted, is being distributed by Anchor, and is available on all podcast platforms. Foreign Press have gone on to say: “Like the name implies, the podcast is unscripted and comes with a ‘laid back’ style.”

With two interviews so far, Comics Unscripted have spoken with Devin Arscott, who has a Kickstarter out now called Magni the Mighty, and Markus Pattern, who is an artist in the Not So Fair Tales anthology.

Comics Unscripted - Podcast by Foreign Press
Comics Unscripted – Podcast by Foreign Press

Each episode has a book club segment, and so far they’ve talked about Jason Aaron’s Thor and Lady Killer by Joelle Jones, and the following guests slated for appearance are:

Damian Daponte about Batman: The Long Halloween
Jon Westhoff about Saga of the Swamp Thing
and David Whalen about Batman: Death of the Family

While it appears to be ceremoniously presumptuous to announce a Podcast before Episode 1 is even available, you can follow Foreign Press on twitter so you don’t miss the Comics Unscripted Podcast launch.

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