55 Best Rammstein Songs

55 Best Rammstein Songs

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Rammstein is a group I have had a long term relationship with as a listener. From having their music on as epic background music while I am writing, to using it as my sanity jams at a mind-numbing desk job I used to have.

Rammstein has a unique sound that makes their music really stand out. I went through every song again and again, considering which I enjoyed most from just a musical perspective, then ordered them based on my understanding of the lyrics. From popular songs from the radio and soundtracks, to lesser known songs, and even their more controversial tracks – counting down here are 55 of the best Rammstein songs.

55 Best Rammstein Songs
55 Best Rammstein Songs

55. Te Quiero Pota!

Starting from the bottom and saving the best for last, first up is Te Quiero Pota! While not a bad song, it’s just one that catches me off guard and doesn’t immediately strike me as Rammstein when I hear it. But it’s still a perfect example how much they enjoy making odd music that catches listeners off guard – and I appreciate that about it.

54. Seeman

One of the softest Rammstein songs, and definitely leaning more toward romantic, this is another that doesn’t immediately strike me as quintessential Rammstein. But, it’s a beautiful song with a lot of heart, and with despair hanging on every word. You can feel the emotions in this one without necessarily understanding the language.

53. Zestoren

A song about a man and his pursuit of power, and the need to destroy. But I find the last few lines the most interesting, given that they feel like they are separate from the rest of the song’s theme. Interpretation and mystery add a lot of interest to a song, and help give it a reason to stand out alongside so many others.

55 Best Rammstein Songs 1

52. Sex

Rammstein is the sort of band with the right level of weird lyrics that make throwing them into Google Translate a somewhat confusing time, but it’s something we can all appreciate. SEX is one of those songs. But beyond just the initial horror of trying to figure out what you’re listening to, you get a good chuckle out of the point of the song.

51. Auslander

The tale of a foreigner – which is what Auslander translates to in German. This song could be about the bands tour schedule. It could be about the main character and his frequent one night stands. Or, with Rammstein – it could even be both. They definitely have a sexual theme going with this one, and the beat is fantastic.

50. Ein Lied

This song took a while to grow on me, but the simplicity and beauty of it is appreciated. It feels like a cross between a lullaby, and a love letter to their fans. Not everything Rammstein does can be a song you’d pop on to relax and calm down to, but this is definitely one of them.

49. Weit Weg

One of my favorite things about Rammstein is a game I like to play called “Is this something deep, or just about a pervert?” – which is mostly me reading what other people debate a song is about, even if I have my own opinion of a song and the lyrics. This is one of the great one’s to look into. Watch the internet break it into two things. Some swear “This is about a man longing for the woman he loves”, while the straight to the point people argue “This is literally just about a peeping Tom.”

48. Feuer Und Wasser

There is a notable use of metaphor in this song. A stalker and the woman he’s stalking – fire and water. They can “never come together”, but still he lusts after her. While the concept itself is unnerving in many ways, the craftsmanship of the lyrics stands out to me.

47. Spring

The premise of this song is a dark one. A man climbs onto a bridge for the view. Meanwhile, a crowd gathers, and encourages him to jump (“spring”) – a terrible thing to imagine. But there is still something fascinating about the darkness to some of Rammstein’s songs – which definitely get worse as we go down the list.

46. Nebel

A song about bidding farewell to a lover, this song has a haunting sound to it. You can visualize the ocean it’s set at, the waves, and the pain of letting go. It’s the final moments of the woman in the song, and you can appreciate the tragedy in just the music alone.

45. Adios

Yet another song that leaves the internet unsure of how to interpret it. Is it about drugs? Suicide? Music? I can’t quite decide, myself. But it has an incredible beat, with some beautiful vocals, with lyrics up to interpretation to each individual.


Some songs just remind me of other things, and this particular song reminds me of the book The Burn Journals by Brent Runyon – a man’s recounting of the horrendous things he endured when he set himself on fire. This song, at least how I take it, is about a similar situation – someone setting themselves on fire to kill themselves. So, every time I hear this song, it reminds me immediately of the terrifying description of how that feels happening in reality.

43. Rein Raus

Ah, yes. Another super sexual song that’s almost hilarious when you find out the lyrics after just hearing the music. The heavy, incredible sound of the song is fantastic and easy to get into. But once you know what you’re jamming to… well, you may blush.

55 Best Rammstein Songs
55 Best Rammstein Songs

42. Mann Gegen Mann

The general conception is that this song is about “man against man” in the sexual sense. For the most part, everyone seems to agree this is a big “offend nazis, accept others sexuality” sort of song. It’s definitely a popular song, and toward the top for many.

41. Spieluhr

The story of this song is my favorite thing about it. A child plays dead, and the townspeople bury it with their music box in the sand. When the child wakes, it sings with the music box. Hearing this, they rush to save the “small heart” from being buried alive. That, and the absolutely chilling opening, are my favorite things about this song.

40. Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?

Another song very open to interpretation, especially based on how well it can be translated, this song is definitely one that’s enjoyable solely for the beat and overall heavy feel of the song. It feels like Rammstein blended with something else, but definitely carries that familiar sound.

39. Diamant

This song has a melancholy feel to it, which suits the lyrics perfectly. I take it to be a song about a bad relationship – loving someone that is beautiful as a diamond, but also cold. It’s a beautiful song to just lay back and listen to when you need something with that soft, sad feel to it.

38. Tattoo

I enjoy the description of tattoos being letters to yourself on your own body, and it’s definitely my favorite thing about this song. I have several tattoos myself, and each one anchors me to a time, place, emotion, as well as the meaning of the tattoo to myself. The song itself sounds epic and has an excellent build up.

37. Sehnsucht

The beat in this one is an insane German dance metal party in one song. The lyrics seem to be one of those examples of multiple meanings – longing for an old partner, wanting to travel, etc. Either way, this song has a fun energy to it if you need something upbeat.


This is definitely a song that I enjoy first and foremost for the sound of the song itself. The build up, the gorgeous music, the range within it. The way the music paired with Till’s vocals just sounds so, so good. The lyrics are about love fading for someone, and while good on their own – it’s definitely the experience of the song itself that I really enjoy.

35. Zieg Dich

“Show yourself” – Between the intense choir in the opening that just evokes that religious feel, to the word “show yourself”, it’s easy to gather this song being about God, and challenging the evil the church lets happen. This is a common theme, as you’ll come to see, in many Rammstein songs. It’s intense, upbeat, and just all around enjoyable, regardless of your opinion on what the song is about.

34. Was Ich Liebe

I love the beat of this song with the way it’s delivered. The lyrics are something understandable for many: the dread of good things, happiness, etc. Because the inevitable feeling that when something is good, it will be followed by something bad. It isn’t uncommon to feel the dread of something bad following up something really good happening. But it also applies to the people in your life – that anyone you love will inevitably die.

33. Moskau

Nothing like a song comparing the city of Moscow to a prostitute, huh? In all seriousness, this is one of the most upbeat songs with a pop star flair thrown in. But it seems like it’s about how such a beautiful place sold itself out to become a “whore” for capitalism.

32. Stirb Nicht Vor Mir

A beautiful, melancholy song presented half in German (the male) and English (the female), it’s about soul mates that haven’t found each other yet. “Don’t die before I do” alone really tells you a lot about the story and the longing between the two.

31. Benzin

This song could be about the world’s dependency on gasoline. It could be about a man desperate for more time. It could be about a great many things, because it’s one a lot of people debate on. I can see either of the two I mentioned being the case, and perhaps it does mean both. But either way, it’s a great song that sparks interest.

30. Stein um Stein

It sounds initially like this is a devoted lover building a home for their partner, until you realize how dark and twisted it really is. But I’m a weird person and dark stories tend to draw me in. Think The Cask of Amontillado, but out of love, not revenge.

29. Morgenstern

There is some debate if this is a love song, or a song about someone’s own self-loathing – an curious takeaway, considering I can absolutely see either being true. Either way, it holds it’s own beauty, which is interesting given the lyrics centering around feeling ugly.

28. Alter Mann

This is one of the more difficult songs to describe exactly what it is about it that makes me enjoy it. Yes, it sounds good. But the lyrics leave me a little unsure. I take it as a song about passing down your knowledge to the next person to take your place, like an elder to a child. Something about this song feels powerful though.

55 Best Rammstein Songs 2

27. Der Meister

A heavy song that could definitely summon the end, this song – to me, at least – seems like it’s about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And for that reason alone, I enjoy the song. I tend to think about these sorts of things like characters in stories – and they’re some characters that fascinate me. So, a song that makes me think of them is definitely going to catch my attention.


The visuals of this video immediately stick out to me. The makeup, the black and white. It’s all so visually appealing. But the theme of the song itself is based on dark German history, and worth reading into if you haven’t before. It’s more than I could explain in a paragraph alone, but one of the most interesting and overlooked things about the song.

25. Zwitter

Can I just say the cheesy drum machine intro is my whole reasoning for this ranking? It’s the first thing that sticks out in my mind. It’s an ideal Rammstein song – the sexuality, the music, the premise that inevitably strikes confusion and controversy in some.

24. Tier

“Animal” – This song is dark, and definitely a potentially very triggering song for some people if you look into the translation. I end up with a draw toward darker, more disturbing songs, even if it’s unknowingly. You may want to spare yourself how disgusting the lyrics really, and just enjoy it as an ear worm.

23. Rammstein

This song strikes me as interesting mostly because it gave me a background on the band’s name. Along with this, I learned about the accident at Rammstein airbase in Germany. And on a more morbid note: it taught me “massengrab” means “mass grave”.

22. Du Riechst so Gut

“You smell so good” – On a basic level, it’s about a monster hunting a girl. Be it a human, vampire, or werewolf – it’s a predator hunting their prey. The song has a fantastic sound to it you can easily get lost in.

21. Amour

I’m a sucker for dark love songs, and Rammstein is more than happy to provide. This song definitely holds that tragic feel to it. A doomed romance, destined to “hurt in the end”. It really reflects similarities to other melancholy love songs Rammstein has.

20. Hallomann

As with many songs we’ve had on the list so far – there is some debate on the meaning of this one. But the overall consensus is commentary of some less than savory members of the Catholic church. It’s a dark song that holds a lot of impact.

19. Rosenrot

A beautiful song about the dark side to devotion. In this case, the darkness behind blindly giving a girl you are infatuated with anything and everything she wants. It appeals to that darker theme of song that interests me so much.

18. Deutschland

There’s a lot of pain behind the song, and a look at the ugliness of humans and the past of a country they want to love. It’s a song that stirs up a lot of emotions – often negative – from listeners. But that makes the song all the more interesting.

55 Best Rammstein Songs 3

17. Links 2 3 4

My interest in this particular song is based around how heated people get about the meaning, what the band is implying about themselves, and why it was written. It was written as a response to political allegations against Rammstein. But even now, you can see people arguing online about what it really means.

16. Mutter

A song reflecting on the unhappy childhoods of some of the band members, this song is very popular amongst Rammstein fans. Understandably so, considering how excellent it is without even understanding the words. But the level of depth is found when you read into the lyrics translation.

15. Ich tu Dir Weh

“I hurt you” – There is some debate if this is about an abusive, one-sided relationship. And, in a way, I’ll agree with that. But I think it’s about self-loathing and abuse, like a message of the soul to the body. Abusing your own body out of self-loathing. Either way, it’s a great song, with the right touch of creeping darkness.

14. Halleluja

Featured on the Resident Evil soundtrack, this song doesn’t have anything to do with zombies. It does, however, deal a lot with the hypocrisy of the Catholic church (notice a theme?), and some thing the priests… activities. Based on the specific translation, depends exactly on the overall takeaway you get. Either way, it’s a great song, and makes sense why it’d be featured on a soundtrack.

13. Feuer Frei!

The music itself and the upbeat feel to this song can get anyone hyped up and motivated. While interpretation is always up for debate, unless you created something yourself, I take this song as a sort of battle cry against every thing else.

12. Ohne Dich

This song has an alluring darkness to it that feels intoxicating. A heavy sense of loss – “Without You” – both of someone else and also being lost yourself without that person. It’s a beautiful, deep song, and definitely ranks high amongst my favorites for that reason.

11. Amerika

A song with the line “Coca-Cola, Wonderbra!” can easily be sold to me. Oh, wait. That may be the point. I think it’s safe to say, you’d don’t necessarily need to look up the lyrics to this one to gather what it’s about. But if you still aren’t sure – it’s about the spread globally of American culture, and America sort of forcing itself so much onto the rest of the world.

10. Los

Coming in at number ten is Los. Two things immediately stick out to me about this song. The first is something about the guitar in this one always makes me think of Cowboy Bebop (yes, the anime). The second is I feel like this song is about their journey as a band. It’s a different sounding song from Rammstein and definitely sticks out in your mind.

9. Dalai Lama

The history and concept behind this song interests me so much. Named after the Dalai Lama’s publicized dislike of air travel, it is based on and adapted from the poem “der Erl Konig” by Johann Wolfgrand von Goeth in 1782. Originally, the considered calling it “flugangst” – which is the fear of flying. It’s a dark story in the song, and will break your heart if you decide to look into what it means.

8. Mein Herz Brennt

The phrase “my heart burns” says a lot about this one. My takeaway from this song is something along the lines of abuse begets abuse. A man suffering abuse become the villain of a children’s home (or, again, this is how I take it based off of the translation as well as the official music video). After suffering himself, he becomes this nightmare to others, continuing the cycle. The song itself is incredible, and the video feels like a horror movie.

55 Best Rammstein Songs 4

7. Keine Lust

The music itself is ridiculously catchy, yes, but that video. It’s one of the first videos that comes to mind when I think of Rammstein. Why is everyone in fat suits? Well, translating it to English helps (“I don’t feel like it”), but given some of the lyric contents, I’ll avoid diving too much into that.

6. Du Haust

The music itself always makes me want to bounce around dancing. But beyond that, this song always brings back memories of our German exchange student in high school that tried to teach me German, and then got a good chuckle out of me trying to repeat the lyrics of this song back to them and butchering it into “Excuse me, you have my wife.”

5. Reise, Reise

A rough translation – “arise, arise, sailor arise” – this song has a very epic journey vibe to it. The album Reise, Reise itself is one of my favorites to listen to straight through, but the song itself is one I like to listen to as I write anything that needs some extra inspiration.

4. Puppe

This song is absolutely incredible sonically. It’s one of my favorites in terms of sound alone, and one of the most underrated Rammstein songs. But the lyrics are among the most disturbing Rammstein has to offer, telling the story of a child listening to his sister, a prostitute, as she works in the room beside his. He holds his doll (“puppe”), takes his medicine, and listens to the sounds. And that isn’t the worst part of it. Definitely take a listen if you haven’t heard this one before, especially if you enjoy darker songs.

3. Mein Teil

Consider the phrase “because you are what you eat” going into this one. Rammstein once again appears on a Resident Evil soundtrack (Apocalypse, specifically), and it fits that horror feel perfectly with this one. Even with translating it, there is something that feels predatory about the song itself. But once you get a decent idea of exactly what it’s about, it’s a horror fan’s dream. When I write, I like playing this particular song for fight scenes.

2. Ich Will

There is a lot of power in Ich Will, which is appropriate, given the theme of power-seeking within the song. In the video, we see criminals being received like celebrities in the opening, which is also reflective of the song lyrics – the media giving fame to criminals, in some cases making them into anti heroes for some. This is one of my favorite videos because I love the cinematic, action movie feel to it. Plus, the song is just addicting.

55 Best Rammstein Songs 5

1. Engel

“God knows I don’t want to be an angel”. Maybe I’m a bit biased on this, considering my name is Angel and, ya know, Engel. But this song just sounds absolutely excellent, and the lyrics are beautiful. On top of that, one of the best things to come out of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation was the soundtrack – which is where I first heard Engel years ago. But it holds a lot of sentimental value for me, and definitely strikes me as one of the most iconic Rammstein songs. How can you not hear that whistle at the intro and not immediately recognize the song?

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