Batman #92: The Designer Gets His Pawns Into Place

Batman #92: The Designer Gets His Pawns Into Place

Batman #92: The Designer Gets His Pawns Into Place

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About Batman #92

Batman #92 is about the Greatest Heist in DC Comics History. It is written by James Tynion IV, penciller Guillem March and coloring by Tomeu Morey. It is published by DC Comics.

The greatest heist in history is underway in Gotham City, courtesy of the mysterious crimemaster known as the Designer! Batman knows what he needs to do, but in order to stop the plot, he must first escape the most ingenious death trap the Riddler has ever devised!

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Batman #92: The Designer Gets His Pawns Into Place
Batman #92 cover by Yasmine Putri and Tony Daniel. Image courtesy of DC Comics

Batman #92 Review

James Tynion IV delivers another great story with Batman #92. The Designer finally has all of his pawns in their places and he’s ready to unveil his plans for Batman and Gotham City. 

“Their Dark Designs” part 7 features Batman (and comic relief Deathstroke) following Riddler’s clues across Gotham City while Catwoman and Harley Quinn do some sleuthing of their own. 

In truth I’ve never read a Batman story I didn’t like, but what I’m absolutely loving about Tynion’s run on Batman is that he has a way of incorporating lots of characters and stories while keeping the larger story in mind. The challenge with massive arcs like “Their Dark Designs” is that it’s easy to forget where you were and where you’re going, but Tynion’s organization really seems to help stay focused. 

Batman #92: The Designer Gets His Pawns Into Place 1

I’m also a big fan of how Harley Quinn has been incorporated into the story. She’s totally true to herself and her nature, and she’s completely unapologetic. She’s saving the day in one moment while bashing brains in the next. She’s a great foil to Catwoman, she’ll make a wonderful savior for the Dark Knight and I can’t wait to see what happens when she goes toe to toe with Punchline. 

And let’s talk about Punchline, shall we? Tynion teased Punchline’s debut early on, and fans have been treated to brief glimpses here and there. It’s hard to imagine giving birth to another major character in the DC Comics canon who can capture fans’ imaginations, but Punchline is that character. She’s pure evil, unlike Harley Quinn, and she makes no apologies for it. She probably scares the Joker a little, even if he never admits it. 

Punchline is everything that Harley Quinn is not, and seeing them go for blood will be quite the sight to see. 

Tynion is giving Batman fans the kinds of stories that entertain and make you think, with a healthy dose of detective work in the mix because that’s when Batman is at his best. 

Batman #92 is available now.

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