Ghosted in LA #10 – Good Story, Too Much Exposition

Ghosted in LA #10 – Good Story, Too Much Exposition

Ghosted in LA #10 - Good Story, Too Much Exposition 2

Rycroft’s Troubles

Even with the coronavirus delay, Ghosted in L.A. #10 doesn’t skip a beat, continuing from the last entry’s cliffhanger.

This issue begins with Pam’s arrival at Rycroft as a ghost in the ‘60s after she died, an interesting change. It also introduces a man named Harold who is aware of ghosts and that sometimes odd occurrences happen in the manor and only Agi knows what to do.

It then goes back to after she entered the door, which then closed. While everyone freaks out, Pam assures them that stuff like this has happened before because of how old the place is, though the other ghosts have doubt. Meanwhile, Michelle prepares to take on the ghosts and, while listening in on a call between Ronnie and Daphne, learns about Rycroft.

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Untouchable Key

Since Pam is the oldest ghost at Rycroft other than Agi, the others learn about Harold Palmer. He bought the place after Agi died as she didn’t have any relatives. Once Agi became a ghost, they became friends and he stayed until he got too old. Even from a retirement home, Harold keeps the ghosts’ secret and pays the electricity bills.

As the ghosts argue, Zola takes Daphne back to the basement door, using her ink to try and communicate with Agi. The ink then turns into the word “jewelry” and the shape of a key, which Daphne recognizes from when Agi possessed her. Surprisingly, the key is intangible for Daphne, but the ghosts are able to grab it.

The ghosts decide to use the key to help Agi and all agree that Daphne go to Ronnie’s Queer Dance to keep her safe. Daphne wants to stay and help no matter how dangerous, until Pam is possessed by an unknown entity. She goes after Daphne, though Shirley manages to hold her back to the basement door.

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Michelle’s Mission

This frees Pam from the entity’s control, though Daphne is in shock and agrees to go to the dance. As she helps and calms Daphne, Zola uses her ink to be able to feel and touch her, leading the two to not only kiss, but leads to them having sex. Some time later, as she’s set to go, Daphne reveals that she’s bisexual but never expressed it as much.

Once she leaves, with Bernard accompanying her, Michelle manages to get into Rycroft. The issue ends as she starts to prepare and Zola finding her hiding in the bushes.

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Sina’s Art

Unlike the past nine issues, Sina Grace not only writes but also provides the artwork, with Siobhan Keenan only doing the cover. For the most part, Sina’s art style is no different to Keenan’s and it’s still good. Though there are some character designs in the middle and near the end that feel a little wobbly and rushed.

Though kudos at making the always adorable Pam look so scary when possessed. The coloring by Cathy Le and Natalia Nesterenko, as well as DC Hopkins’s lettering, certainly help.

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Lots of Information and Set Up

While Sina’s writing continues to intrigue and draw people in, there are aspects in this issue that don’t work. A lot of information is given that’s never been hinted at before, such as Daphne’s awareness of her bisexuality rather than discovering it with Zola or Harold Pinter as he was never mentioned before.

Another problem is that there’s too much set up for what will happen in later issues. It’s fine setting things up, but it happens way too often and is often distracting.

Even with these flaws, it shouldn’t take away from what works with Ghosted in L.A. #10, like well written characters and an interesting story.


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