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Ash & Thorn Comic Series

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About Ash & Thorne

Ash & Thorne is a Mini Series that flips the Scooby Gang archetype of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on its head and mixes in the Golden Years sensibility of The Golden Girls. Let’s face it. If your Grandmother fought monsters instead of playing Bingo at the Local Club then Ash & Thorne is what you’d get. It is written by Mariah McCourt, illustrated by Soo Lee and with Cover Art by Jill Thompson. It is published by Ahoy Comics.

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Ash & Thorn Reviews

Ash & Thorn #1

Ash & Thorn #1 Stabbing the eye of Monster

The apocalypse is coming and pretty soon it will be upon us all. Meet relunctant Golden Girl stereotype Lottie Thorn and her relunctant trainer Lady Peruvia Ashlington-Voss. The first issue introduces us to the world of Lottie, Peruvia and the oncoming hordes of apocalypse. What does Lottie need to learn and what could

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Ash & Thorn #2

Ash & Thorn Peruvia kicks monster

Ash & Thorne #2 continues the tale of 2 little ladies and their battles with the hordes of the apocalypse. Lottie has accepted her fate as the unwilling champion of all time and must now do what all Buffy the Vampire Slayer archetype heroes must do: Train or DIE!

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Ash & Thorn Comic Series 2

Ash & Thorn #3

Ash & Thorn #3 teapots

Alright everyone, this is where shit is about to get really weird. Lottie and Peruvia are about to embark on a journey into dreamworld with the hopes to catch a glimpse of their own destinies. Will they like what they see? Only time (and this issue) will tell.

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Ash & Thorn #4

Ash & Thorn #4 Destiny awaits

Lottie and Peruvia have battles the Hordes of Evil in the previous three issues – but now their fates are tearing this fab dream team apart. Will Lottie and Peruvia confront the Darkness and their Fates together or will the temptation of Evil prove to be just too sexy?

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Ash & Thorn #5

Ash & Thorne #5 with Evil Oven

The Season finale! And the end of Ash & Thorne Volume 1. Things aren’t looking good for Lottie. Things are looking dire for the Elderly Woman turned World Champion and Slayer of all things Evil. In which an elderly lass takes care of Evil the only way she knows how – by firing up the oven and start baking!

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Where to find Ash & Thorn

Print – Things From Another World

Digital – Comixology

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