Battlecats: Tales of Valderia Comic Series

Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia Comic Series

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About Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia

Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia is an Indie Comic Mini-Series created by a revolving door of talent, spearheaded by the Battlecats writer and creator: Mark London. With editing by Giovanna T. Orozco and Chris Fernandez. It is published by Mad Cave Studios.

Battlecats is the flagship comic book series that launched with the creation of Independent comic book company, Mad Cave Studios. Featuring a fantasy land of Valderia inhabited with Anthropomorphic Cat-people of the Warrior, Lord, Lady and Wizard varieties.

Battlecats: Tales of Valderia is to Battlecats what The Silmarillion is to Lord of the Rings. A companion mini-series designed to flesh out an already established lush and fertile Fantasy Comic Book Universe. What’s contained in this Four Issue Mini Series are several tales that are culturally significant, triumphant, harrowing and learned. If nothing else, they answer so many unanswered questions of the Battlecats universe.

Issues 1-4 of Battlecats: Tales of Valderia are available for purchase right now in comic book form from our Preferred Comic Book Retailer. Otherwise, there’s the Trade Paperback of Battlecats: Tales of Valderia which includes a Bonus Story.

Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia Reviews

Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia #1

Issue #1 follows Three Valderian Kings in Three Separate Stories. Specifically, their importance to the Battlecats’ backstory, myth and lore. We get to learn about their victories, their triumphs, their fear and of the evil magic that constantly plagues Valderia from the shadows. What makes and shapes a world of Anthropomorphic Medieval Cat-people is the main emphasis of this comic book.

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Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia #2

Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia Comic Series 1

Issue #2 tells the most important tale of the entire Tales of Valderia mini-series. Its a walkthrough of the triumphs and victories of Goadar. Telling of his Battlecats’ journeys through fictional Cat-lands like Stormholt, Greenspyre, Arkhovia, and Blackstone. Before the issue ends on Goadar’s final battle and demise at the hands of the dreaded Fire Fiend. 

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Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia #3

Battlecats Tales of Valderia #3

Issue #3 tells an important tale about how a young Kelthan met the other Battlecats: Zorien, Mekkar, Vaela and Kaleera for the very first time. This isn’t just a “the Battlecats when they were kids” tale. It’s a culturally significant tale that sheds some light on the mutual respect the Young and Old Valderians have for one another. Whilst also placing some emphasis on Brains over Brain.

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Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia #4

Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia Comic Series 2

Issue #4 introduces us to Blackstone: an Island on the fringes of Valderia. In this tale, Valadar is featured before he turns evil. We learn of Valadar’s utter contempt for privileged Valderian citizens and of a hidden evil that stalks Valadar from the shadows. An evil that will bring out the worst parts of Valadar in the main Battlecats storyline.

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Where to find Battlecats: Tales Of Valderia


Mad Cave Studios

Things From Another World

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