Hellfighter Quin Comic Series

Hellfighter Quin Comic Series

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About Hellfighter Quin

Hellfighter Quin is an Indie Comic Book series written by Jay Sandlin, pencilled by Atagun Ilhun, coloured by Maria Santaolalla and lettered by Justin Birch. With editing by Chris Fernandez and Brian Hawkins. It is published by Mad Cave Studios.

The world of Hellfighter Quin is depicted as an alternate earth ruled by the sovereign class of warring clans who fight for supremacy over the ultimate prize: the Azure Sun. Hellfighter Quin stars protagonist Quinlan Jones, a retired prize fighter, seeking vengeance for the death of a young friend.

What follows in Hellfighter Quin is nonstop action and savage fighting matches that rival even the most brutal MMA fights. These are fictional fighters who will kill to claim their prize and move onto the next round.

What will stop Hellfighter Quin from moving to the next round? Or better yet who will stop Hellfighter Quin from moving to the next round? Each issue stars Quinlan Jones in a fight for supremacy over his adversaries and he’ll stop at nothing for vengeance.

Hellfighter Quin Reviews

Hellfighter Quin #1

Hellfighter Quin Comic Series

Quinlan Jones, AKA the Hellfighter, thought he’d hung up his mask for good. That all changed when Harlem’s own vigilante is forced into a tournament controlled by hidden clans to gain control over the Azure Sun; a mystical stone that provides abilities to those who come into contact with it. Here, Quin will fight for his life in a series of brutal contests against assassins, cyborgs, and other beings of unimaginable power. Alliances are formed and bones will be broken, but no matter what happens, only one may claim the Azure Sun!

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Hellfighter Quin #2

Hellfighter Quin Comic Series

After surviving the first round of the Tribunal, Hellfighter must brave the Labyrinth in order to make it to the next stage of the tournament. However, he’s in way over his head and is aided through the trial by two new companions, Glass Assassin and Deadeye. Will they make it to the end or will a new mystical foe stop them from reaching their goals?

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Hellfighter Quin #3

Hellfighter Quin Comic Series

The origins of the Doomseer are revealed. Hellfighter is presented with his most difficult challenge yet as he faces off against Maimframe, while Shard stands toe to toe in a battle against resident asshole Invictus. The winners move on to the final stage of the tournament. Will our heroes succeed or be swallowed whole by the more seasoned veterans?

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