Exilium Season 2 Warps in to Kickstarter

Exilium Season 2 Warp in to Kickstarter

Exilium Season 2 Warps in to Kickstarter

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The hit Aussie sci-fi comic book series Exilium returns to Kickstarter for its second season following a highly successful six-issue first season.

The first series saw the first official contact having been made with an advanced, extraterrestrial race. On the run from a superior force, they sought refuge on Earth, deeply dividing humanity. Unknowingly leading their oppressors to Earth, the aliens along with the human faction they had allied themselves with struggled to mount an effective defence.

Humanity’s only hope rested with a mysterious group known as the Exilium, where a shocking truth awaited, leaving the heroic trio of Nia, Tr’u and Ken, and indeed all of Earth in absolutely dire straits.

Continuing right where it left off, Exilium – Season 2 promises another wild ride as the trio of Nia, Tr’u and Ken are called upon in aid of the very foe they had spent most of their lives fighting against. 

Taking to Kickstarter for Issue 1, Exilium Season 2 has made three variant covers available, including two by Aussie artists Daniel Watts and Camillo di Pietrantonio, amongst other great rewards. At the time of this article, Ben and his team are sitting on 194% of their Kickstarter goal.

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Salomon Farias – Twitter | Instagram

Vittorio Astone – Twitter | Website

HdE – Twitter | Website

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Exilium Season 2 Warps in to Kickstarter 4

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