9 Cartoon Themes That Absolutely Shred 2

9 Cartoon Themes That Absolutely Shred

Cartoons Can Rock The 80s and 90s was the Golden Age Of Cartoons. An era of television that explored complex storylines all under the guise of children’s programming. While some TV executives bowed to corporate pressure of putting out catchy singalong jingles masked as theme songs. Other more adventurous producers and, consequently, the composers they … Read more

September Mourning, Top Cow, Image Comics, Emily Lazar, Marc Silvestri

SEPTEMBER MOURNING – A Couple Decades Too Late

September Mourning and Top Cow join forces Dazzler. Chris Gaines. Captain EO. There are two things these three characters have in common. 1) Regardless of whether you love or hate them, you probably have STRONG opinions about them. 2) They were all birthed from the idea: What if Comics, Live-Action, and Music joined forces to … Read more