Dark Nights: Metal and Motorpsycho

Dark Nights: Metal – Snyder and Capullo’s Big, Badass, Bloody… Bore

Emmet O’Cuana investigates why Dark Nights: Metal leaves him so cold (and ropes in Norwegian heavy metal band Motorpsycho to help).

Wonder Woman Variant Isn't the Problem, It's You! 1

Wonder Woman Variant Isn’t the Problem, It’s You!

Wonder Woman Variant Divides Fandom If you buy something from a Soda and Telepaths link, we may earn a commission. This is used to help maintain the site and create more content for you! Fandom toxicity rears its ugly head once more. When yesterday, twitter account DC Nation posted an image that divided comic book … Read more

Cover: Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #2. Image courtesy DC Comics

DC Digital Preview – Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #2

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #2 Available Now Writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti deliver another thrilling installment of their DC Digital Daily Wonder Woman story.  Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #2 is available on now through participating digital retail sites like the DC Digital website, ComiXology, Amazon Kindle and Apple Books.  “The Curse of … Read more