Uncanny Unboxing: Isidora and the Immortal Chains #1

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Isidora and the Immortal Chains

I proudly unbox the first comic I have physically received that first got pitched on my channel, GA Lungaro, aka Darth Daddy Lunga on YouTube.

Mr. Lungaro first created and pitched this idea for a writer’s contest I had on my YouTube channel back around March of 2020. He became an unfortunate casualty of #Comicsgates attempt to end my career not long thereafter when his personal information was doxxed on Kiwi Farms. Sadly, I think this should serve as a warning to anyone seeking to enter the realm of distributing independent comic books through crowd funding of what they can expect.

“For the hottest fires comes the purest ashes,” as my old Karate teacher liked to say, and flame wars surrounding me and the contest seem to have born out an excellent batch of comics if Isidora serves as any indication.

Quality Packaging

Despite this being Mr. Lungano’s first time at bat, he fulfilled his book well. I received the book ahead of the estimated delivery time provided on Kickstarter. The excellent paper stock give the cover a wonderful texture.

Mr. Lungaro’s prior writing experience allows him to deliver an excellent first showing for creating a comic book. As a character concept, I love the idea of a attractive woman in bondage gear doing the will of the King in Yellow as she attempts to prevent the coming of the Great Old Ones. In case your rusty on your Lovecraft, Mr. Lungaro set this comic within the horror world set up by Howard Phillips Lovecraft in the 1920s.

Isidora and the Immortal Chains #1 Unboxing

Isidora Art and Final Thoughts

The art taps a relatively new name to comics as well, Alper Gecgel. He delivers a good performance, thought I would prefer he give more attention to the backgrounds of this pages. Often, the backgrounds were simple color with few other details provided.

I encourage everyone to pick up a copy of Isidora #1 and be on the look out of the launch of book 2, which should be coming on Indiegogo.

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