THE VISITOR #1 – More Mystery than Man

The Visitor #1 Front Cover

Valiant Entertainment Reveals The Visitor

Valiant Entertainment has been making large plays in the world of entertainment recently. With a movie in the works based on their Bloodshot property, as well as a TBD feature on their Harbinger series, I have to say it was with some excitement that I began my read of The Visitor. They’ve clearly shown to be very capable of weaving a tale to keep people invested. Which, given my history of consuming media, means it can only start one way.


An Average Day in New York City

We begin our tale with an explosion like all good action comics. The scene is that at the UN, where there is a meeting being set up to discuss…something. Its never actually said what the UN meeting is for, precisely, but an explosion is a pretty big deal regardless. People panic, police are called, all the while we are left with a mystery.

Who, or what, could be behind this? Where is this story taking us on this journey?

The Visitor #1 Page 2, Comic Book, Soda and Telepaths, Valiant Entertainment

Introducing the Plot

Here we are introduced to a Japanese research team. Clearly believing themselves to be the target of the bombing, they spend a bit of time going over something called “The Project”. What that is we are never given details of, but it is clearly something of high importance. High enough to where someone attempted to kill them for.

We are then treated to a bit of security camera footage of the incident as follows.

We see more still of this man having survived this incident, but we will return to it in a moment.

After this security footage is shown, it then becomes a race to keep this team alive. They spend a lot of it complaining about the necessity of it, as well as berating their protectors for being incompetent. Its never established what the project is, as noted before, but it is repeatedly brought up by the team among themselves.

What it could be we can only speculate on, but it is set up as being a real big deal.

The Visitor #1 Page 8, Valiant Entertainment, Comic Book, Soda and Telepaths

The Intrigue

I did mention before that we have a few more scenes where, who I can only imagine as the cover character, the “Visitor” is scaling about chasing the team. This panel here is what intrigues me the most.

Clearly this individual is powered in some way. Anyone can tell you stepping on the middle rail of a subway is a good way to just not breath anymore. He, or I should say them, also goes out of their way to save the wee mouse from being run over. Clearly showing a moral compass of some kind, which leaves the question of their pursuit all the more mysterious.

Is whatever project they are working on bad? How is this individual able to survive massive surges of electricity coursing through their body? Heck, how did they survive an explosion of that magnitude?

All these questions and more will, hopefully, be answered in later issues. I for one can’t wait to find out the answers!