The Jump #1 – Review

The Jump #1 - Review

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The Jump #1 – Review

The Jump #1 is a kick you in the teeth paranoid thriller set in the world of Astral Projection. It is written by Screenwriter and Ringo Award Winner, Rylend Grant, the creator of Action Lab Entertainment‘s Aberrant and Banjax.

The Jump launches you into the world of Thomas. A down on his luck man who, after a freak attack by youths when he was younger, has left him to limp around for the rest of his life. Grant takes you through the depressive ramblings of Thomas’ life who, for the most part, serves as narrator (and audience surrogate).

Thomas looks and feels like a man suffering a pseudo-post traumatic depression brought on from his injury and limp. A limp that leads him to an outlet of Astral Projection through which he can be anyone, do anything and be anything.

Whilst on the Astral Plane, Thomas runs into Laney (another Astral Projector) who is overly keen to help the protagonist and introduce him to the ways of the force (err… astral projection) by way of transporting around the earth presumably. They go backstage at a concert, Laney gets her gear off and they finally end up in Malibu, California of all places. Before being ambushed by a wilder beast of Astral proportions seemingly made up of Thomas’ fear. Though, I’m left with the distinct impression that he we’ll be seeing this figure again.

With the night coming to a close, Laney asks Thomas to meet her again on the Astral Plane tomorrow night. Following her instructions to the letter we are introduced to a scene in a shadowy computer room. Laney, or more accurately, her character’s handler reports to her boss on Thomas believing Laney to be a real astral traveller and not a figment. And the beast I mentioned before? Likely a figment of the competition.

With works like Aberrant and Banjax amongst his credentials it was no surprise that Rylend Grant’s next comic book venture would be a conceptual headspinner. Grant is mentioned in the credits section as the Writer/Director and Director is more accurate. The supernatural and mystical elements to The Jump could not have been achieved without a hands on approach when dealing with his artistic team.

Fabio Alves’ linework enriches the storyline while giving Edson Ferreira’s colours plenty of room to breath in the dark world of Thomas’ reality to the Ghost-like apparitions of Thomas and Laney’s astral forms. The Jump is a ballsy move into a science rarely expanded upon in the comic book medium. Rylend Grant’s scriptwork shows as much reverence for Astral Projection, Hypnogogia and Trance states as he does in developing his characters.

The Jump #1 is only available to Kickstarter Backers at present so if you have a Long Term Pull List then add this comic to it. Or keep your eyes peeled for The Jump #2 Kickstarter.

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