Bete Noir #1 – Review

Bete Noir #1 - Review

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Bete Noir #1 – Review

Out through Mad Robot Comics (which is ironic because this Comic literally features a Mad Robot), Bete Noir is the kind of twisted indie anti hero nonsense you want in your comic book collection.

Written by Andrew Clemson (who you may know from Scout Comics series “Star Bastard”) and art by Kris Wantowhy. Despite the classic Anti-Hero stories of works like Watchmen and The Boys, Bête Noir has an uncomplicated element to it.

We’re launched head first into the depressing world of James, an older antihero of sorts (who had lost everything) with a plan to break into this secured complex with poorly mounted security defenses. What appears to be too easy for him is exactly the case when he’s knocked out by unknown assailant whose fashion tastes are ripped right from the wardrobe of Emperor Palpatine himself.

Coming to, James is offered his prize possession and the reason why he’s broken into the facility in the first place, a helmet that Magneto himself would be proud to own. Guided by this unknown antihero, James is shown the facility’s prize: weapons, armour, and much more. Seizing this opportunity, James tries to turn the tables only to be killed instantly by a giant robot. Pretty soon we’re given cause to understand who the protagonist of this story really is. Not to mention there’s a sinister ending worthy of a Megadeth album cover. 

Bete Noir #1 is available right now through Mad Robot Comics. Meanwhile, the Kickstarter for Issues 2 and 3 will be available later this month.

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Kris Whantowhy

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Matt Hardy – Twitter

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